The iPad Mini Will Not Affect iPad Maxi Sales And Here’s Why.

20121019-103600.jpgCould everyone stop with the hypotheses that the iPad Mini, scheduled for unveiling on October 23rd, will cannibalize iPad Maxi sales? It’s ridiculous and uninformed.

As I have mentioned time and time and time again, the iPad Mini is aimed squarely at a younger market. It will be a consumption tablet, not a creative one. Let’s leave that for the full-sized iPad.

I swear these naysayers do not have children or grandchildren or else they would be marching to a different drummer.

Have you ever seen a toddler try to carry a full-sized iPad along? It’s heavy and awkward. And, although the youngsters covet the whole iPad experience, I find myself having to watch them constantly for fear that they will drop the device.

They love the iPhone and iPod Touch but, like the rest of us, get tired of the smaller screen. They want to see the spiffy graphics within their books and apps come alive on a larger screen.

The solution is indeed an iPad Mini – the best of both worlds. It will be smaller than the iPad but much larger than the Touch and, by many accounts, lighter and portable.

And, if Apple decides to make this a consumption device for the students of all ages, it will be a gold mine for the tech company. These kids can use it in schools, at home, on vacation etc. and the size makes it easy for students to slip into a backpack or school bag.

This is one huge leap forward in Apple’s attempt to revolutionize Education. With hundreds of thousands of available Apps in the iOS store, the students will be carrying an extremely valuable
resource in their school bags with ease, style and convenience.

If this device comes loaded with consumption Apps like iTunes, iBooks, Music, etc. then what more does a student need?

I never see my grandchildren on Safari. In fact, they don’t even know what Safari is – they are too busy reading, learning, watching.

There is little to no need for Internet Browsing and the parents can breathe a collective sigh of relief, knowing that their children can only access Apps that are safe and child-proof.

I will always love the full-sized iPad as will millions of others. It is aimed at an entirely different market. I can create, blog, edit photos and movies – you name it! I rarely sit at my beautiful iMac except to access the more advanced features in iMovie and Aperture.

The iPad Mini will, over the long run, boost sales for the full-sized iPad. As children mature in mind and body, they will, naturally, be drawn to the full-sized iPad.

And, if the price for the iPad Mini is accessible and justifiable for parents to dip into their bank account, this will be THE GiFT this holiday season.

I see millions of iPads Minis dancing in the heads of children young and old. With a sugarplum or two! 🙂

So, how many are you buying? The comments section awaits your reply!


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