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Saturday Video Tutorial: A Look-See At The IMovie App For The IPad

I came across this great video tutorial about the amazing editing features of the iMovie IPad App.

It leaves out one small – or large – detail, depending whether or not you are a control freak, as am I,

If you are, then read this article after watching this excellent video.

Also, it gave me the idea to start a “how-to” category on the GrannieTheGeek.Com site – whether they be mine or someone else’s, such as Brennan Spark’s excellent video tutorial in this blog topic.

The important thing is to give readers quick access to technical assistance.

Now, I know many sites already provide this, but this site is aimed for the geeks in process – those who have a passion for technology as I do but have no idea where to start!

Are you an avid IMovie App fan? Do you have any other suggestions? I’m all ears – or fingers – so sock it to me in the comments section.

Also suggestion: Troubleshoot The Placement Of The Audio Clip In The IMovie IPad App


Troubleshooting The Placement Of The Audio Clip In The IMovie IPad App

You don’t need to take computer classes to find your way around Apple devices – although it does make the process a quicker one.

However, if you are semi-retired, as I am, with a ton of time on your hands to fiddle with your devices, you can easily problem-solve a technical issue or two.

Recently, when I was working on a family-themed video, I ran across a nagging and frustrating glitch in the IMovie App.


When I tried to insert audio of any kind, particular from my ITunes library, the music immediately snapped to the front of the video. And, unlike IMovie on the Mac, this audio clip could not be moved to a preferred placement in your video.

It was frustrating – I found it impossible to edit the length of the music backwards and forwards.



Then, I turned off the loop music function, selected the video clip and two yellow handles appeared. However, only the back handle ( the one on the right) was editable; the handle on the left would not budge. So the music could be re-positioned from the back and not the front? Strange.


I then split the clip where I wanted the music to begin, thinking that if I selected that clip before adding the audio clip, the music would place itself below the beginning of that clip.

No again! The music gabbed the entire video. Well, this was a nightmare!

So off I went to the Apple Store and posed my problem. However, six days later the creative team gave up and sent the problem to Cupertino. Did I find a glitch? Well, sort of.

Not one to give up easily, I continued to play around with the video, exploring every option and this is what I think is a pretty good work around until Apple addresses this issue.

The Fix:

Once again, I split my video in two, but this time, I decided to add the music twice – one to the first clip and the other to the second. But, at first this did not work.


The audio insisted on attaching itself to both video clips, I had to grab the back handle of the audio clip and move it all the way forward to the end of the first clip.



Then, because I didn’t want to hear the audio in this first clip, I double clicked the audio clip to bring up the audio features and turned down the volume all the way to the left. Alternatively, one could also just set the audio to the “off”position. So, although the music was there, one could not hear it.

Now I was left with the second clip minus the audio. Because this is where I wanted the music to originally start, would adding the audio a second time ignore the first clip with the silent audio track and jump to the second? One way to find out! Just do it!


I selected my song from the ITunes library and, wonder of wonders, it grabbed the beginning of the second clip. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Then I adjusted the audio level for the music on the second clip, making sure that the music was at an appropriate audio level to compliment the people speaking in the video.

And, that was that! Looking at the written word, it all seems so simple and usually these problems are. However, it took a while to get past what I could easily do on my Mac where one can just move the audio to the correct placement.

Hopefully, Apple will issue an update to address this technical issue in the IMovie App. If one can shorten the video from the back end, one should be able to move the front end to any point in the movie. It should just work, right?

To IPad Or Not To IPad: That Is The Question


It’s official! I love me some Apple.

However, when the new IPad was released a couple of weeks ago, I was among the many that said: “Huh”?

But, like so many others, I didn’t get the BIG picture. Sure it had a snazzy new HD interface and a stronger battery life coupled with LTE lightning speed, but could it sing and dance and do new tricks for me? This is the issue up for tiresome debate all over the Internet.

What it does do, however, is leave its competition in the dust as evidenced by this great article from IDownloadBlog.Com.

This was an IPad that said to all other forms of tablets out there: “Now this is what a tablet should look like. This is technology at its best”.

And the marketing genius behind this new IPad release was undeniable. When Apple decided to add the IPad 2 into the mix with a new and competitive price, the IPad release process grew to blistering heights. I never saw this coming – did you?

In other words, the doors just sprung open for the thousands upon thousands of consumers who could not yet afford an IPad and were, instead, turning to Android or the Kindle Fire. Now, here was an IPad that smoked the other tablets on the market AND at affordable prices. I can do this! Yes, I can!

And so many did! While browsing through the Apple Store, I noticed customers leaving the store with an armful of IPad 2s, along with the new IPad. It was pretty funny to watch. At the new, competitive price, the IPad 2 is a great buy and is an excellent choice for gift-giving.

However, in the end, the new IPad is still the leader of the pack. Although not noticeable at first glance, the display between it and the IPad 2 look similar. But, placed side by side, the clarity and detail of the Retina Display on the new IPad is absolutely gorgeous.

I always thought that technology was moving a wee bit too fast and am glad that Apple has chosen to relax the reins a bit. In the end, there will be fewer errors and technical issues, as evidenced by the still frustrating new release of Apple TV 3G and its ridiculous load times for movie rentals. But, this is another article for later discussion.

And, yes, the new IPad does feel warm – at times – but, hello, it is a machine and they do heat up.

And, hello,again, if you are using your IPad out in the sun, then by default it will feel warmer.

I just refuse to believe all the hype surrounding this heat issue. I am sure it has been perpetrated by non-Apple enthusiasts who want something to pick at! I don’t think you have to worry about making a trip to the burn unit at your local hospital any time soon.

If you want further proof, read this article from CultOfMac.Com. It reinforces the ridiculousness of the “heat” debate.

In the end, it is up to the developers to take full advantage of the Retina Display and LTE – this opens up a window of discovery and fascination in App Development, enticing consumers to take full advantage of their favorite apps. The IPad is only limited by your imagination – the apps are key to making this new version a creative gold mine.

The IPhoto App is proof of this. It is amazingly intuitive and so easy to use. It truly enhances the world of digital photography. Another revolutionary step for Apple Inc.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this new IPad. Or the IPad 2. Whatever suits your budget. Myself, I want to be at the forefront of technology. I am much older than many geeks, so It’s all or nothing once you become a golden geek.

Are you enjoying your new IPad? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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