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Surprise! Taylor Swift’s New Album – 1989 – To Stream On Apple Music On June 30th 

 Taylor Swift 1989 

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?   Looks like Taylor Swift and Apple made “nice, nice” after this past week’s -uhm – “misunderstanding“.

According to Taylor Swift’s Twitter account, the popular recording artist has decided to release her 1989 Album for streaming on Apple Music

Apple Music is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, June 30th and, although Taylor Swift stipulated that the album will  initially be released to Apple for live streaming, it will be available to other streaming sites, such as Spotify, in the future.  Just not now. Because that would not play well with Apple

So, as predicted here a couple of days ago, it seems that this lovely, very creative and oh so fun PR stunt played out as planned. And just in time for the launch of Apple Music

I love when show business and technology collide. My two favourite worlds. Steve Jobs dream really has come true over and over and over again. 



Apple VoiceOver Receives The Helen Keller Acheivement Award


Apple VoiceOver  

Ever heard of Apple VoiceOver?  No?  Well, check this out!  Read the rest of this entry

 Memo To Apple And Taylor Swift: Well Played. Love GTG

 Taylor Swift, 1989 

Picture Credit: 1989/Taylor Swift

Now that two days have past and I have had time to contemplate the supposed brouhaha between Taylor Swift and Apple, a different sort of light is shining on this historic event. 

Yes, I said historic, because when has Apple ever listened to anyone regarding its policies and made an abrupt change to a policy in a 24-hour turnaround?   Read the rest of this entry

WWDC 15 Promises To  Address Your Home And Entertainment Needs

  Picture Credit: Apple.Com

Well, folks, another year, another World Wide Developer Conference in the very near horizon. But, as much I love these Apple get – togethers, I am beyond “bummed” that the anticipated redo of the Apple TV unit is quite possibly cancelled. Yes, cancelled. Again. 


Because television content providers aka the TV Networks are making life a living hell for Apple and its consumers.  Boy, is this story ever getting old and annoying. When will the networks release themselves from the dinosaur age and embrace all that technology can offer its consumer? 

One answer: Money. It makes the world go round. Just not ours.  Read the rest of this entry

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