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The Big Reveal: iOS 6 Availability In Your Time Zone


Here’s something!

IPhoneInCanada.Ca has come across a chart via Fortune.Com that indicates when iOS 6 will be available for download in your time zone.

If all goes according to plan, this chart is “on the money” but who knows what Apple
will do at this point?

When I woke up this morning, the Software Update tab was missing in my Settings App. Then, it magically reappeared about 5 minutes later. I am sure it was just a case of the pre-update jitters, but let’s hope it’s still there come update time!

Once again, iOS 6 update will work with iPhone 3G/4/4S, iPod 4th generation and iPad 2/new iPad.

Naturally, if you are purchasing the iPhone 5 or new iPod Touch, these devices will already have iOS 6 in their system.

Do you have download fever? I sure do! Ninety minutes to go as of this writing!


iOS 6 Cry Babies: Get. A. Grip!


I was wondering how long it would take before people would start trashing Apple’s exciting technological announcements at the WWDC 2012.

Although it appears that everyone is drooling over the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, the iOS 6 upgrade, scheduled for release in October 2012, didn’t fare quite so well.

Developers were given the opportunity to download the BETA release of iOS 6 and, since then, the complaints have been pouring in. The mapping isn’t perfect, Siri isn’t working as advertised, blah, blah, blah! Just cry me a river, already!

It’s in BETA people. Meaning – not ready for prime time. If it were, everyone would be able to download iOS 6.

Apple just can’t win, can it? Do you really think they are sloppy enough to push an inferior product or upgrade? Yes, it’s not going to be perfect, but, last time I checked neither are you.

Technological advances improve over time, trial and error. It’s the nature of the beast. It learns as we learn, especially when it comes to something as mind-blowing as Siri. It matures as we do, the technological brain becoming more refined and succinct with each passing day, month and year.

I honestly cannot take the whining anymore. If you can do better, then start your own company. Prove to all that you are better and wiser than the people at Apple Inc. Then maybe, just maybe, I will take you seriously. Until then – talk is cheap, cheap, cheap!

WWDC Begins In Thirty Minutes. iOS 6, Mountain Lion And Lots Of Surprises Ahead


Well, it is finally here. The much-anticipated 2012 Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference is set to begin in a 30 minutes at 1:00 Eastern (10:00 AM Pacific and 6:00 PM UK) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

In addition to the unveiling of the enticing little technological treats awaiting us via the iOS 6 update, there has been much speculation regarding the other announcements to be made by Apple on this fine Monday, June 11, 2012.

Will Apple announce its strengthening partnership with Facebook by deeply integrating Facebook accessibility into the iOS interface? What’s happening with Mountain Lion? Will Siri be introduced into the IPad and Mac systems? What about Apple HDTV? What about this? What about that?

Well, soon all speculation and hear-say will be laid to rest – thank heavens!

But, mark my words, after all is said and done, it will never be enough for some tech geeks who refuse to be satisfied with the new product announcements. Why is it never enough? I still can’t get over the fact that I can AirPlay my IPad or IPhone content on my TV with the touch of a finger. It’s magical!

Just be happy that we live in an Apple-dominated world and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a long one and it doesn’t end today. It is merely beginning.

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