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Grannie The Geek’s Weekly Tip: How To Create Photo Albums in iCloud


So, you just came back from that memorable and fun loving Disney vacation or wedding celebration and, of course, snapped a billion and one pictures and videos with your iDevice.

And, before you left to come home to your daily routine,  your friends and family begged you to send them the pictures you took.   Please, pretty please?  Don’t forget? 

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Apple Watch Is Now Available For Pre-Order In Stores And Online


Picture Credit: Apple.Com

The wait for the highly anticipated Apple Watch is over and out!  

Starting today, Apple Watch is available online or you can book a “try -on ” appointment at a local Apple Store near you.  

There are three basic models from which to choose: 

The Apple Sport ($449.00 and $519.00, depending on case size). The Apple Sport, with an aluminium band, is available in 10 models, so you should have no trouble choosing one that suits your style and personality. 

The Apple Watch ($699.00 to $1459.00, depending on case size and model).  This Classic Apple Watch is made of gorgeous stainless steel and just happens to be my favourite. And, it comes with 20 models from which to choose. 

The Apple Edition ($13,000 to $22,000, depending on your bank account).  This gorgeous Apple Watch which will never see the light of day in my house unless I win a lottery, is made of 18 carat gold and has 8 luscious models from which to choose. 

I will probably purchase the cheapest model, unless I can do some creative budgeting at my end. That – or I am praying that this GTG Blog goes viral and hits the big time. 

Whatever the case, so to speak, I am “in”. The question is – are you?  Have you ordered or tried on the Apple Watch?  Please take pictures and share all in the comments section below. 

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