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The iPad Mini – Is It Fact Or Fiction?


So, how about that iPad Mini everyone? Will we actually see this gizmo or is it truly a figment of our imagination?

Since the beginning of time – or so it seemed – the tech community went on some sort of PR binge purporting the existence of the iPad Mini. It was a “done deal” they all said. Has to happen, will happen, must happen, better happen – the rumours would not stop. Sort of like a train out of control.

And then the iPhone 5 event came and went with not a mention, not a hint that there would be another event devoted to the release of the iPad Mini.

Now, if they had not have hyped their recently released new iPod line at their September iPhone 5th event, I would have assumed that they were keeping the iPad Mini news under wraps until October.

I mean, if they devoted time to speak about their new iPod Touch and Nano line, even though they were not to be released until October, did it make sense that they would not have mentioned the iPad Mini?

And don’t even get me started on the prices. The new iPod Touch prices have pretty much locked out any room for an iPad Mini.

Yes, I am afraid that all the “Unofficial Reports” are now amounting to delusional hearsay and speculation.

It’s in production alright – it’s in production in everyone’s head.

Way back when on this little old blog, I predicted that such a product did not exist, except in the minds of the consumers who wanted it to exist. Apple already had their perfectly proportioned, best-selling iPad – why would they break their back trying to develop a smaller one? For what reason?

With the release of the larger iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple basically made a statement: this is what we do, these are the sizes we believe in and we are rocking the sales market.

It is now October 10th, the supposed release date of invitations to the iPad Mini event and – still – not a mention, not a hint, not a gasp that Apple is ready to officially launch the iPad Mini this month – if ever.

Personally, I was welcoming the iPad Mini – not for myself but for my grandchildren. It is the perfect size for kids.

Although most kids still like the convenience and portability of the iPod Touch, many would drool over a mini iPad. It is light, compact and ideal for movie viewing, gaming and browsing. And their smaller fingers and precise eyesight would navigate the apps with seamless dexterity.

This is a bad call, I feel, on Apple’s part. And I can’t believe I just wrote that. Boy, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Say it isn’t so, Apple. If not, there will be many Kindles under my Christmas trees this year.

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