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Ebates Cyber Monday Sale Is In Full Swing With Money-Making Deals.

Picture Credit: EBATES.COM

UPDATE: Canadian Shoppers Click HERE

A few weeks ago, I added a topic about my favorite onlne shopping strategies.

And, it is indeed a strategic endeavour, especially if you are looking to save or make money while completing the process.

And, the best site out there to make – yes, I said MAKE money – is EBATES.COM program.

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[VIDEO] Check Out The New Apple Ad For FaceTime Video Calling

I love Apple TV advertising. The “music box-like” texture of the background music is an Apple signature. It is instantly identifiable.

I am not joking when I say that Apple should copyright the sound . Other companies and franchises have tried to hop on Apple’s bandwagon and recreate the same effect. Oh Apple, you are truly the leader in marketing. Truly.

Here is the latest ad for FaceTime’s video calling feature. You can also see it on YouTube as well as Apple’s website.

Apple has become very aggressive with their commercials lately, honing in on the many exciting features available in their iOS and OS X ecosystem.

And, with September just around the corner, iOS 7 will make its debut appearance with many more exciting treats in store for the Apple aficionado.

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