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Apple Inc. Now Surpasses U.S.Government In Cash Reserves

Apple Inc. Wealthier Than U.S. Government

Apple Inc. Wealthier Than U.S. Government

Where am I? What year is this? What planet am I on? Or more important, how did Apple surpass the richest country in the world in terms of wealthy profit margins?

According to the U.S. Treasury’s own daily statement, Apple has more cash and marketable securities on hand than the federal government does.

At the end of June, the IPad and Mac maker had $76.2 billion on hand, while the government currently has $73.8 billion in operating cash balance. Read the rest of this entry


The Apple Challenge: Is The Apple Store Beyond Nice?

This video is just too, too funny.

We all know that The Apple Store and it’s employees are extremely generous with their customers, allowing them to basically treat the store as their second home. Well, in some cases, the hard-nosed geeks may claim it as their first.

However, Mark Malkoff, from MyDamnChannel.Com sets out to see what crazy stunts he could get away with at the Apple Store.

The consensus: Apple has a high tolerance for crazy, creative customers.

Have you ever gone wild in an Apple Store? Tell us about it or better yet send pictures or videos!

Extra Tricks To Heighten Your Lion Experience

Tips For A Valuable Lion Experience

Over at MacStories.Net, there is some valuable information to help you access some hidden features in Lion’s system.

It’s a great read and a valuable resource as you explore and acclimatize yourself to Apple’s new operating system.

Enjoy and please add your own hints and tricks in the comments section.

Bye for now. Grandchild calling! 🙂

Apple’s New Operating System, Lion, Is King Of The Technological Jungle

Apple's New Operating System, Lion, Receiving Positive Reviews

So, I guess it is safe to say that Lion has emerged as a great, big hit across the media board.

This article from CBSNews.Com, features glowing reviews from CNET.Com, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and more.

I have delayed purchasing Lion because I wanted to make sure that all was well and good and it looks like it is all that and more.

Lion is the perfect complement to the IPad and IPhone, allowing users to experience the tactile interface that is core to these mobile devices.

It seems that, with the introduction of Lion, Apple solidified it’s hold as a major player in the technological
field. In fact, it’s the only player that counts at the moment.

Over at IPhoneInCanada.Ca, there is a humorous article about Apple’s valuable stock. Hindsight is always easy, isn’t it?

I will be downloading Lion this weekend when I can fully concentrate on the mechanics of this procedure. Right now, I am in Grannie mode, so priorities prevail.

Please share your Lion experience with me in the comments section. Bye for now.

Apple’s New Operating System-Lion-Will Be Unleashed Tomorrow

Apple Releases Lion On July 20th

Happy Everyone? Apple just confirmed that Lion will be released tomorrow. 

Source: IPhoneInCanada.Ca.

I guess the Lion won’t sleep tonight after all. Neither will any of us! 

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