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How To Gain Control Of Your Facebook Privacy Settings

I haven’t posted in a while but this article pushed all the right buttons, making me want to share this with anyone who listens.

Mashable.Com published a great article addressing how one can fully master the ever-changing Facebook Privacy Settings.

I don’t know about you but I have become increasingly frustrated with Facebook’s ever-evolving platform. It has been more than confusing – it is frustrating. And it compromises many of our existing Privacy Settings.

The article focuses on all the key privacy issues that pertain to us – like Photos, Followers, Timeline, Tagging, Apps ( I rarely login to Facebook via an App – just saying…), Likes etc. you name it – it’s there.

It is a cohesive and detailed summary so you need to set aside a quiet block of time for yourself to absorb the article and make the suggested changes.

However, isn’t your privacy worth the time and effort? Mine sure is. And remember, the ultimate privacy option is to simply post nothing at all. No pictures, no status updates nothing. But, there is no fun in that is there? Just be careful!

That being said – please join my Facebook Page. I may not know everything about the technological revolution, but, together, we can try to make sense of this exciting era in innovation.


It’s A HAppy Kind Of Day for iOS 6 Customers


Oh my goodness. Stop the updates. Seriously. Who can keep up? I barely had time to blow dry my hair.

And yet, all of these new iOS 6 features are making me do the HAppy Dance here. Groan – I know, pretty lame joke but aren’t you sad you didn’t think of it first?

What a day! After successfully downloading iOS 6 to my iPad and iPhone, I was also greeted with the task of updating a ton of my favourite Apps – like iMovie, iPhoto, iPages, iPages, iBank, Keynote and many, many more.

Now, to be honest, I haven’t had time to try all of them but suffice it to say that, at first glance, all appear to be super efficient and silky smooth.

Many of the Apps come with tons of new features to complement the sophistication of iOS 6. And, for Facebook lovers – all bzillion of you – there is Facebook integration everywhere you look. Just hold your finger on a photo or tap a share button in an App and watch the magic begin.

And let’s not forget Siri status updates for Facebook. Very, very nice.

And, when you visit the iOS App Store, check out the beauty of the new layout. It makes you want to shell out more money – everything old looks new again.

And the icing on the cake? Mountain Lion issued a huge update as well. Check it out! Is it long enough for you?


The only downside is that Maps is a bit of a mess. The navigation system works well enough, I suppose, but no 3D is happening at my end. I suspect that the rendering of 3D images is dependant on your location but still, all in all, I was disappointed.

Everything in time and circumstance. Geeks must be patient but sometimes it’s hard.

So, have you downloaded iOS 6 and updated your Apps? Is it all you were expecting? More? Less? Please share.

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