It’s Finally Confirmed: Apple’s iPad Mini To Be Revealed On October 23rd.

Thanks Heavens! I could not stand the rumours and innuendo much longer!

According to The Loop, Apple is in the process of sending out invitations to media regarding another Apple Product Event.

And lest anyone has any doubts whether or not this will address the long-anticipated iPad Mini, you simply have to read the little teaser in the invitation:

“We’ve got a little more to show you.”

Well, actually, they have more than a little if one is to believe the leaked specs and prices on the iPad Mini models. There will be a little something for everyone, of every age and price range.

However, I am still going with my gut and sticking to my initial thoughts about which sector of the population this iPad Mini will address.

Unlike the full-size iPad, this baby iPad will be a consumption device, especially designed for students of all ages. This is the only way Apple can justify the lower price vs. the higher end iPod Touch line.

And Apple wants to revolutionize the educational sector and this is a major step toward this goal.

Parents don’t want their children surfing the net and getting into all sorts of trouble – they want them to learn and enjoy appropriate media.

Judging by my very young grandchildren ( 6 years and under), the iPad is presently used for movies, educational apps, games and books. Sometimes music is accessed as well, but that’s why Apple made iPods, so it is not a priority for kids when using the iPad.

And the iPad Mini will be just the perfect size and weight for those little arms, hands and fingers to lug around.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this device for my grandchildren so I can reclaim my iPad when they come to visit. Finally, a Tech Toy worth buying. Gotta love Apple!

So, do you agree or disagree? Excited or no? How many are you buying and for whom? Share all in the comments section.


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