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Apple’s New OS X Upgrade Mountain Lion Is A Roaring Success

Special thanks to CultOfMac.Com for the video.

Excuse the cheesy title and my deepest apologies if others already jumped on the roaring bandwagon. I wanted to get this blog topic up before the next OS X update. Wink!

By all reports, it looks like the latest and greatest OS X update from Apple, Mountain Lion, has lived up to its expectations.

The new cougar runs like a baby on Apple’s computers and laptops and the new features accompanying the installation of Mountain Lion have been met with positive and favorable reviews. No whining this time from the tech blogosphere, unlike what we heard after the Lion update a year ago.

I installed Mountain Lion last evening and the process was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. For $19.99, this upgrade comes packed with loads of features that brought a huge smile of relief to my face.

I love the new Dictation feature – it is extremely accurate and an absolute time-saver.

Also, iCloud is now working at full speed, synching all of your documents, data, calendars, emails, notes, contacts, reminders and more between all devices, including your Mac. It is a veritable dream come true.

Furthermore, you can Tweet, iMessage, Email, Facebook (the latter coming in the Fall) and more from pretty well anywhere.

Personally, because I love Photography so much, I enjoy the fact that I can share my photos directly from iPhoto. Another time-saver. If there is a photo in iPhoto I want on my iPad or iPhone, I just iMessage it to the device and save it on that device. Quick and easy.

The above video focuses on 30 OS X features but, to gain knowledge of everything Mountain Lion can accomplish, you must have a tour of the upgrade over at Apple’s Mountain Lion page.

Have you downloaded Mountain Lion yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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