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Happy 57th Birthday Steve Jobs. You Are Missed!


Heaven has inherited a tech angel in the form of Steven Paul Jobs. I am sure that my deceased father, who loves gadgets and from whom I inherited this love, is having a grand ‘ole time watching Steve weave his magic in his new home – the spiritual ICloud.


But, here on earth, we are celebrating what would have been Steve Jobs’ 57th birthday. And, even though he is no longer with us in body, his spirit is an everlasting presence each and every day of our lives. Well, certainly my life.

For instance, I am typing this article on the IPad, while receiving text messages via my IPhone. My Mac is booted up and ready to use each day, seamlessly supported by Time Machine via Time Capsule back-ups.

And later on this evening, I will fire up my Apple TV to watch a movie and to access AirPlay in order to view the latest videos of my grandchildren.

Earlier in the day, I entertained my 1-year-old grandson with both my IPhone and IPad – stories, music, games in the form of Children’s Apps are the norm around here.

And, like many babies and toddlers out there, he has already mastered the art of pinching and swiping.


This blog and so many like it exist because of Steve Jobs’ passion for technology and the arts. I am a musician and it was through the Apple experience that I was able to fully embrace all that technology could offer in terms of creative possibilities.

GarageBand, IMovie, IBooks Author, IPhoto Calendars and Books, not mention all the media and photo apps available – all spoke to my innate desire to create, create, create!


The passion for creativity is ageless and Steve Jobs understood all this from day one. From young children to young children at heart, the Apple experience was created for people who never wanted to grow up. We have a bit of this Peter Pan complex in all of us, but, for some of us, it really is a way of life.

Unfortunately, I came late to the Apple party – June 2009. I walked into the local Future Shop, fell in love with the IMac 24″, bought the last one – a floor model but brand new – and never looked back.

In closing, I would like to express my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to his wife Laurene, his children, his colleagues – everyone who was influenced by this extraordinary man.

And – one more thing – please take the time to leave a message on the website created for Steve Jobs’ birthday.

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