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Apple’s VP Eddie Cue Speaks To CNN’s Brian Seltzer About The Future Of Apple TV


I have had my Apple TV 4 for one week and, with the exception of one small glitch,  I am absolutely loving the entire experience. Read the rest of this entry


Apple Inc. One Year After Steve Jobs’ Passing: He Would Be Proud

What is there left to say about Apple without it’s Co-Founder and Visionary, the late and great Steven Paul Jobs, that hasn’t already been said?

Probably not a lot. But, one thing did occur to me.

Amid the naysaying and frustration of Apple consumers and investors, pointing out that Apple is struggling to find their footing minus Steve Jobs’ influence and guidance to steer them on course, did anyone really stop to think how difficult this time must be for those closest to Steve?

It has been reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was having a difficult time dealing with Steve’s death and I can only imagine how hard this must be for brilliant designer, Jony Ive.

He was, after all, accountable only to Steve Jobs and, therefore, the kinship between the two must have been indeed extraordinary and profound.

Both men were incredibly close to Steve and, most likely, shared stories, memories, even intimacies that one would experience in any solid and cohesive friendship.

All of the Apple specialists must feel the lack of charisma and energy that only Steve could embody and, now, without him, they must strive to replicate and sustain these integral components in their daily lives at Apple.

These people lost more than a technological genius – they lost a friend. And a good one!

However, from what I have witnessed over the past year, Apple is alive and well and living in Cupertino – and in our daily lives.

The technological advances they have made over the last decade are phenomenal. We should never lose sight of this.

Yet, to move forward in technology, it requires patience and diligence – elements which the media is known NOT to have.

We can sit and gripe and tear apart what Apple should have done, but, honestly, isn’t it more rewarding and less frustrating to step back and marvel at all they have accomplished?

With 24 hours left to go before the Apple Event begins – where the new iPad Mini is rumored to take the spotlight – I think it would be wise to look around you, at everything Apple in your life and then understand the absolutely phenomenal technology this company has introduced into our lives over the past few years.

And It will only get better.

One must remember – iTunes wasn’t built in a day. The negotiating process that Steve Jobs used to convince all the music publishers, recording companies and artists to come on board still boggles my mind to this day.
Plus, don’t forget those beautiful and successful Apple Stores, spread throughout the world and enjoying unprecedented commercial success, much to the chagrin and embarrassment of the naysayers and the envy of millions of businesses worldwide.

Tomorrow, we will see what Apple unveils. I have no doubt that it will be spectacular and, if not for the unending assortment of leaks over the past few months, it would have been a jaw-dropper.

But then – who says that there may not be a surprise or two at the end of this keynote rainbow? The “one more thing” phrase, so famously associated with Steve Jobs, may evolve into a new phrase – “Oh, I almost forgot”. Works for me. Does it for you?

The Apple Store Dancing Machine – Trevor Moran – Appears On The X Factor

20120926-221612.jpgApple Store dancing machine, Trevor Moran, made a surprise albeit dramatic appearance on The X Factor Wednesday evening.

However, just before he was to audition in front of Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and LA Reid, young Trevor collapsed, totally unconscious.

The kid did not look good at all and it worried me. And we were left hanging until Thursday’s show

To Apple Geeks everywhere, this talented and vivacious boy is an icon – a symbol of the fun-loving atmosphere that one enjoys during visits to the Apple Store.

I sang Trevor’s praises back in May. He captured my attention not only because of his connection to the Apple Stores but also for his innate musicality.

But not to worry everyone, Trevor is alive and well and tweeting on Twitter.

Trevor Moran (@TrevorMoran)
2012-09-26 10:08 PM
Okay, I guess I’ll be on tomorrow! Stay tuned 🙂

Tune in to The X Factor tomorrow night to see what happens. That kid is so darn cute. I hope he advances further into the competition. Apple could sponsor him (wink, wink!)


Apple Ads Finally Score A Favorable Review From Macworld.Com

I love, Love LOVE this article! Finally! Someone who has brought the correct perspective to the recent Apple commercials which debuted during the Olympics.

When I first saw them, I thought they were cute and, somewhat, hilarious.

And, the fact that they were focused on the important role of the Apple Genius located in all their stores was something that we have never seen before.

However, all across the tech blogosphere, these commercials were criticized and berated because they lacked the refined ingenuity of previous Apple commercials. Aren’t we all getting just a little bit pompous and condescending here?

These commercials were never aimed for the Apple fanboys or girls. Surrounded by multiple Apple products, they don’t need to be convinced about the merits of Apple.

No – these commercials were produced to augment sales and communication in the Apple retail sector, attracting potential customers – those who, perhaps, would feel intellectually intimidated by interacting with Apple employees. Regular people with regular problems interacting with Apple staff who are more than willing to assist you in understanding your Apple project or device.

Here is what Philip Michaels of Macworld.Com had to say:

Apple isn’t making these ads to get an approving nod from Forbes or a pat on the back from Ken Segall or even to make me feel good about myself as a Mac user. It’s trying to sell stuff. Specifically, it’s trying to sell stuff to people who feel flummoxed by computers, who think that sitting down in front of a computer screen and creating something worthwhile is as unimaginable as building a rocket ship. Other PC makers leave you high and dry, Apple is telling these folks, but we’ll still be there to help you out.

Whether that message resonates with its target audience, of course, is a different question, and one we’ll see the answer to over the next few quarters. But Apple certainly has enough muscle to put some oomph behind its marketing message. The company ended its last quarter with 373 retail outlets that brought the company $4.1 billion in revenue. Around 83 million people walked into an Apple Store last quarter, and while they were there, they bought 791,000 Macs—nearly half of which were bought by consumers who had never owned a Mac before. At a time when the rest of the PC market saw contracting sales, Apple enjoyed a little bit of growth last quarter. Clearly, its retail arm helped out some in that regard, and Apple is banking that it can drive even more sales with those blue-shirted helpers.

The secret to Apple’s ongoing success and strong visibility lies within these remarkable Apple Retail Stores. It is a playground for people of all ages and, more important, all levels of technological ability. The stores via their Apple employees foster growth, appreciation and passion for technology, and in particular, Apple technology.

Steve Jobs had a vision for Apple – to create a Disney-like experience where consumers would return to time and time again. And what better place to experience the Apple magic than your nearest Apple Store.

His child-like wonder was what sustained him and allowed him to visualize a world that none of us could foresee. It is also this kind of special mind-set that catapulted Walt Disney World to success.

I actually think that we will see an Apple Store at Disneyland and Disneyworld someday soon. With Apple’s strong connection to Disney, it is a no-brainer.

When this happens, then the sky is indeed the limit for Apple. They will have a captive audience at the greatest family vacation center in the world.

Did you enjoy the recently aired Apple commercials? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

[Satire Alert] Samsung Opens An Apple Store.


This is just a hoot and a half. Or plain outrageous. It depends on your point of view, I guess

Samsung just opened its first North American retail store in Canada in Burnaby’s Metropolis in Metrotown mall in suburban Vancouver. So, high-five to them and all that!

But, honestly, after reading this article from IDownLoadBlog.Com, they must have overdosed their architect with mucho cojones or something because it is pretty much an exact replica of the famed Apple Store, right down to the blue shirts for their employees.

Can you believe it? They have the audacity to uniform their staff with blue shirts? Hello? Last time I looked there were many colors in the rainbow so why select the famed Apple blue? Boy, they are really sticking it to Apple, aren’t they? It just never ends.

I know that oftentimes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but this is just too, too much. Samsung must really love the publicity they are gaining from lawsuits filed by Apple Inc. because nothing else makes sense here.

Check out the video below. Really mind-blowing when it comes to their thought process when designing this store. And the store is pretty depleted when it comes to customers.

And here is some food for thought regarding originality. Thought I would share:

“Originality is the one thing which unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of. -John Stuart Mill”

“A mere copier of nature can never produce anything great. -Joshua Reynolds”

Compare this Samsung opening event to Apple’s Grand Opening in the same mall a little over a year ago. Beyond hilarious!

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