Oh iPad Mini – Where Art Thou?


So should we believe this latest source re the iPad Mini? Can it be? Will it be?

Well, AllThingsD is a very credible and reliable source for information, so maybe this Phantom iPad Mini is for real?

Just as I was warming to the idea of a Kindle Fire HD, this news leaked today. It’s like Apple can read my mind – or pretty much everybody’s!

According to AllThingsD.Com and 9to5Mac.Com, the iPad Mini is scheduled to be unveiled at a special event on October 23rd. Interesting. It’s a Tuesday, not a Wednesday, which is breaking with tradition.

However, this event will happen a day before Samsung’s Next Big Thing event to be held in New York City and three days prior to the release of Microsoft’s Surface.

Man – that’s a lot of tablet power right there. Kind of has my head swimming before I’ve had a chance to take the dive and see what treasures lie ahead at the bottom of this sea of tablets.

I am assuming all of the production woes are true and, in fact, contributed to the delay of the release of this new Apple iPad Mini.

And yet, still no word from Apple. But, the media are all over this new story

IMore.Com is the latest to add their opinion. It all looks and sounds legit – these tech sites are extremely reliable. But, we have been down this road before.

As I mentioned over at iMore.Com in their Comments Section:

It ( this Apple Event) will only be exciting if the price is right. They have to get this right or it’s over! They can’t give it away but the price has to be competitive and this iPad Mini has to offer something special to intrigue buyers to jump ship from the other tablet markets.

So, I guess we sit and wait for 11 more days. This story is getting old fast. I really have to find something new to blog about.

So, do you think this event is coming to fruition? Or will we just be twiddling our thumbs in a couple of weeks?


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