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Steve Jobs: All You’ve Got To Do Is Ask [1994 Video]

It’s been a mighty long time since I added content to this blog. Let’s just say that life has been incredibly busy from my end and leave it at that.

However, when I saw this article from BitRebels.Com, I had to get this GTG blog rolling once again courtesy of some more wise and wonderful words from the late and the great, Steve Jobs.

In this 1994 video, Steve gives his succinct and, I must say, inspiringly accurate insight into why people fail. And, don’t we all want to avoid that?

He relays information that basically enabled him to move ahead in his technological career, even starting from the age of 12 years old where he made his now famous phone call to Bill Hewlett asking for some spare parts for a frequency counter that he was in the process of building.

Well, not only did Bill Hewlett give Steve the spare parts he asked for, but he also offered him a job at Hewlett – Packard during the summer. All from a simple phone call.

Most young people would be intimidated at phoning a large company or, perhaps, would not think to even venture in this direction, afraid that they would be deemed a nuisance and have the phone slammed shut in their ear.

But, risk-taking is so crucial to success – in any field – and, most of the time, the positive benefits of taking the risk outweighs the negatives.

Have a listen to this brief video – resplendent with Jobisms – and then go out and take that risk you have always been dreaming of!

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