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I Downloaded Lion To My IMac And Lived To Tell About It


So, okay, that was easy. After months of trepidation, I finally took the plunge and downloaded Lion OS X. All that hemming and hawing and scare tactics from other Mac users that Lion was going to destroy my Mac were in vain. The Lion update downloaded and installed seamlessly.

Now, mind you, it did take time. The update takes up 3.97 Gigs on your Mac – that is pretty huge, so one has to set aside 5-6 hours to complete the entire process. Perhaps less if you have a strong wireless connection.

But, when all was said and done and the computer went through the restart phase to seal the deal, I was greeted with the face of a Lion accompanying my login information. And, guess what? The beastly critter didn’t bite at all.

All my files, media and applications were visibly intact and, quite frankly, I found that my 24″ IMac was operating smoother. And quicker!

Now, I know you’re wondering what motivated me to take the plunge after all these months. And, even if you don’t care, I’ll tell you anyway.


It was the newly-released Mac App, IBooks Author, that prompted me to take the leap. I have been waiting for a program like this forever and a day. The ability to design your own interactive e-book intrigued me and I needed the Lion upgrade to grab the free App from the MacApp store.

More about this at another time – I hope to review this cool App very soon.

Going back to Lion – a few words of caution. There is a great deal of documentation out there regarding how to prepare your computer for the upgrade. You have to sift through the plethora of information to filter out right from wrong.

Over the past few months, I have been reading many articles – some excellent, others not so -just to make certain that my computer was ready for the upgrade.

I would advise all of you to do so. I learned a great deal in the process and it made me realize the powerful creativity of Lion and of technology in general.

I have provided links at the end of this article to the very best guides. They should be your tech bible if you want to follow through with the upgrade.

Also, now is the time for you eliminate all the clutter on your computer. If there ever was a perfect time to house clean, this is it.


And backup your files and media. My computer uses Time Machine via Apple’s Time Capsule plus a couple of other external drives just to be safe.

Also, it won’t hurt to clone your hard drive. All this may seem like overkill, but it really isn’t. By taking the proper precautions via regular backups and cloning, you will rest assured that your data is safe and protected in the event that your computer fails somewhere down the road.

Now, if Apple would just bandage the gaping wound in their second generation Apple TV unit, I would be in Apple heaven.

As promised, here is a resource list of excellent articles that will transition you through to this next phase. Read them at your leisure, carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or email the author for advice if need be.

Or here’s a thought – leave your comments and questions in the comments section attached to this blog topic.

Have you downloaded Lion already? Was it a success or no?

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Apple Second Generation TV Unit Just Doesn’t Work


For the love of Pete, can someone out there in Apple land fix the trainwreck known as Apple TV 2? It just does not work. Movies download sufficiently well but the problems begin when one wants to watch the rented film.

The movie takes forever to start and, when it does, invents its own commercial breaks by stopping and reloading in mid-scene. My favorite is when, during the last rented movie my husband and I tediously watched, the movie decided to reload approximately five minutes before the ending.

So, Apple people, instead of working on a future release of an Apple HDTV, how about fixing the little black box known as the Apple TV 2 unit first? This product needs to be recalled and/or repaired via an immediate software update.

I think the only thing more maddening about the deficiency of this Apple TV 2 gadget is Apple’s silence at the thousands upon thousands of consumers ranting on their message boards.

Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave. He was all about consumer satisfaction and communication.

Since he died, the only headlines capturing our attention were the millions of shares shoved into CEO Tim Cook’s pocket. Like we care.

We do not begrudge Apple’s head honchos their financial due, but we do hold them to task when products do not work while the company fails to address the issues.

I am an Apple fan and it will take a cold day in hell before I defect. But remember, all fans are created differently and can be fickle, depending on their tolerance level.

How about you? Is your Apple TV 2 unit going wonky? Did you manage a magical fix? If so, share in the comments section.

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