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Apple’s VP Eddie Cue Speaks To CNN’s Brian Seltzer About The Future Of Apple TV


I have had my Apple TV 4 for one week and, with the exception of one small glitch,  I am absolutely loving the entire experience. Read the rest of this entry


Get Your Credit Card Ready. Apple TV 4 Is Ready To Ship Next Week. 

 Apple TV 
Next week, we enter a new era in television when the 4th edition of the Apple TV unit launches in many countries. 


It has been a long wait while Apple Inc. ironed out the kinks in the development of this media product but I expect the wait will more than justify itself once we get our hands on this gadget.  Read the rest of this entry

Apple TV Streaming Service Is Coming Your Way Sooner Than Later. 

 Apple TV Get ready to cut the cord – the cable cord that is!   According to the New York Post, Apple Inc. honchos are in final negotiations with the major U.S. networks – ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX – to offer consumers live streaming television broadcast via their little black hockey puck known as the Apple TV Unit. 

This has been a monumental feat for Apple.  In hindsight, the development of iTunes and Apple Music for music streaming must seem like a walk in the park compared to the copyright clearance and financial negotiations encountered when dealing with the television industry people. Read the rest of this entry

WWDC 15 Promises To  Address Your Home And Entertainment Needs

  Picture Credit: Apple.Com

Well, folks, another year, another World Wide Developer Conference in the very near horizon. But, as much I love these Apple get – togethers, I am beyond “bummed” that the anticipated redo of the Apple TV unit is quite possibly cancelled. Yes, cancelled. Again. 


Because television content providers aka the TV Networks are making life a living hell for Apple and its consumers.  Boy, is this story ever getting old and annoying. When will the networks release themselves from the dinosaur age and embrace all that technology can offer its consumer? 

One answer: Money. It makes the world go round. Just not ours.  Read the rest of this entry

[VIDEO] Apple TV – The Way It Should Be

20130520-112821.jpgOkay, after seeing this remarkable Apple TV Concept Video, I have to say that I am just about done here with my remote control.

This video, brilliantly envisioned by Sam Beckett, makes you want to diss your remote control and cable/satellite subscription with every passing minute.

This video’s creator perfectly showcases how seamless and fluid an iTV experience could be, using Siri as a means to search deep within the programming database for information pertaining to shows, artists, recording times etc. it is remarkable. Truly remarkable.

This is what Macworld had to say in the article accompanying this video:

Siri could be used to set recordings, and there’s a intuitive TV Guide and Genius feature that would make discovering new shows quick and easy. In a forum post on The Verge, Beckett explains that he hopes to develop the concept further in the future, by adding App Store, FaceTime and Recordings app demonstrations.

So, Apple, let’s get moving here. How much longer do we have to wait to experience the full extent of what technology can contribute to our television viewing experience?

And, to the TV networks – get with the plan. Cable and satellite are so passé and so is the crappy remote control experience. We are in the touchy feely/voice activated phase of technology and I do not plan to spend the rest of my senior years living in the past.

How about you? Do you think this is the year that Apple finally cracks the television market? The answer: it better be!

Via Macworld

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