Telus Mobility Is Promising iPhone 5 Delivery By September 28th


Update: September 19th: If you ordered your iPhone 5 before 4:00 P.M on Friday, September 21st, you should have your phone by Friday, September 21st. Otherwise, it will arrive on September 28th.

So, what are you waiting for?

Telus Mobility has been mighty aggressive in making certain that you come to them and only them for the iPhone 5 activation.

Not only do they have the best pricing plans, but now they are promising delivery by September 28th.

When I clicked over to Bell and Rogers, there was no indication of when you would receive your spanking new iPhone 5.

But then, what else is new? They were slow from the “get-go” – ordering online was delayed and/or you had to phone customer service to receive any kind of action from these two companies.

On the other hand, Telus had all their little duckies lined up in a row from the moment the pre-order date became live, from attractive voice and date packages and, now,the promise that if you order NOW, you will indeed receive your iPhone 5 by September 28th.

Have you ordered your iPhone 5 yet? If so, are you making the move to Telus?


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