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IPhone 5 And Earpods Commercials – A Breath Of Simplicity


After losing its footing with the notorious debut of the Genius commercials during the 2012 Summer Olympics, Apple has finally stepped back – or forward, depending on your point of view – to familiar territory.

On the heels of the launch of the hugely anticipated iPhone 5, Apple has released four clean and precise commercials hailing the beauty of both the iPhone 5 and their newly designed listening device, the EarPods.

Suffice it to say that these commercials are perfectly Apple, first-class all the way and “to the point”.

However, I loved the Genius commercials. I think the detractors were reading far too much into the nutty humorous aspect behind them and raising controversies and theories that just weren’t there.

They were fully aimed at another market – the baby boomers and older who have fully embraced Apple and its products. Walk into any Apple Store and you will be astounded with the higher end age range of the consumers looking for advice.

Apple’s customer service is exceptional and ground-breaking. It goes above and beyond the call of duty.

When I visited an Apple Store this past March, one employee told me that he helped a customer write an e-book from start to finish. I was astounded. Where else are you going to receive help like this for a mere $99.00 ( the yearly cost of a One-To-One Membership)?

At any rate, these commercials, below, are very well constructed and on point. Let me know what you think.





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