IPhone 5 Launch Starts Today.

20120921-131251.jpgPicture And News Source: CultOfMac.Com

Okay, for those of you who live in a cave or whatever, I thought I should inform you that the iPhone 5 has enjoyed a mega release today – September 21, 2012.

The photo above this article, courtesy of iPhoneInCanada.Ca via CultOfMac.Com is a keeper.

Although this is a picture from the FEDEX facility, it gives you an idea of what both FEDEX and UPS have had to contend with in order to meet the delivery requirements sent forth from Apple Inc.

If you look closely enough, the vast majority of these packages are iPhone 5s. Wait, I think I see a couple of iPad Minis there. Ha – just messing with you!

The parcel carriers were explicitly informed not to deliver any iPhones until September 21st, causing a bit of a backlog – albeit a well-organized one – for the delivery personnel.

What looks like chaos in this picture is a well – coordinated system in progress. Many of the people on my Twitter feed have received their iPhone 5 in timely fashion, posting pictures of their personal unboxing experience and overall impressions.

Due to a technical glitch over at Telus, I will not receive mine for another week – even though I placed my order well before the 4:00 P.M. deadline on September 14th.

If someone over at Telus Mobility reads this, perhaps they can intervene on my behalf? I blogged about the glories of Telus – throw me a crumb!

So, did you receive your iPhone 5? If so, post pictures, videos and/or first impressions in the comments section below. And, yes, I know the mapping is a mess, but it will get better. But, that’s another article.


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