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Genius iPhone Tip Of The Day Courtesy Of TheNextWeb.Com

20120929-103443.jpgFeatured Image Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Darn! I wish I had thought of this! But, thank heavens someone did!

Of course, everyone knows about the FindMyiPhone App. And if you don’t, here is a link.

However, TheNextWeb.Com came up with a brilliant way to speed up the process if, in fact, you do lose your iPhone.

Now, we have to assume here that anyone that finds your iPhone is a Good Samaritan and will heed the instructions set forth by TheNextWeb.Com.

In a nutshell, you access your Notes App, start a new note, add pertinent information that would allow someone to contact you if they find your iPhone, then save the note to the lock screen on your iPhone.

An email address should be enough or a business phone number. I would NOT feel comfortable adding my home phone number. You could, though, add a family member’s mobile phone number – that would be another alternative.

However, in iOS 6, you can enable Lost Mode – which is an advanced alternative to the above suggestion.

Here is the video below:

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