The Eve Of Apple’s iPhone 5 Event: The Longest Twenty-Four Hours Ever.


Tick tock, tick tock! Anyone else looking at the clock today? Is it moving a tad slower than usual?

That’s because the mother of all tech events, the Apple iPhone 5 announcement, is just twenty-four hours away.

And the stories and the mania continue as, once again, everyone tries to predict just what Apple has in store, so to speak, for their avid consumers.

If I look at another mock-up video or read another article predicting what the new iPhone will resemble, not to mention the highly publicized refresh of the iPods and iPad, I think I may be straight-jacketed here. I just can’t take it anymore. Nun, uh!

However, one thing is certain. This iPhone and very possible multi-product event will break records in sales and create a fervor like never before.

The iPhone 5 was the last project with which the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, was intimately involved from start to finish. This fact alone will spur consumers to shell out money for this device.

It is an historically significant product and, even as time advances further exciting technological discoveries, this iPhone will never leave my house. It is steeped in history and memories that are irreplaceable.

Below, you will find links to important resource sites that will keep you informed of the September 12th event:

  • Apple.Com
  • iPhoneInCanada.Ca
  • iMore.Com
  • Mashable.Com
  • Macworld.Com
  • CNN.Com
  • I hope to live blog as well as I usually just head on over to Mashable.Com and add information on GrannieTheGeek.Com via their excellent sources.

    So, if for some reason you cannot access their busy site, then rest assured that Grannie The Geek has your little ‘ole back covered and will provide information as it is released.


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