[Rumor] The IPad Mini Will Be The Larger, New And Improved IPhone

I honestly cannot take any more articles about the rumored IPad Mini supposedly being released by Apple this Fall. Honestly, everyone needs to chill.

They are working on a new and larger IPhone so why would Apple knock themselves out by producing an iPad Mini for the sole purpose of competing with, say, Amazon or Google? Why go there? They never did before – it smacks of desperation and one thing that Apple is not is desperate.

Check out the video above this article? Wouldn’t you rather see this reveal at the next Apple event than a boring IPad Mini?

And, according to credible reports, the next iPhone, slated for release in the Fall of 2012, was “the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design”.

We haven’t yet seen what this iPhone is capable of doing but you can darn well bet that it will do as much as or more than the array of tablets currently floating around – with the exception of the new iPad.

And, who says the iPhone 5 is going to be the same size as its pre-decessors, the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S? By numerous accounts, the new iPhone will be larger, with a quicker processor and a spiffy camera.

So, who needs the iPad Mini? I know I don’t. It’s not like it’s going to be better – just smaller.

Well, the iPhone already covers the “smaller” obsession currently riding the Internet waves, so how many versions of small do we really need?

My husband’s Kindle is gathering dust – he uses only the iPad for reading and browsing. Oh ya – those minis are something special alright!!

The late Steve Jobs never bent to the whim of the public. If he had done so, we would never have ITunes, the Apple Stores, Airplay etc.

People have no idea what they want because, overall, they lack an innate creative sense of where technology can take them.

Steve Jobs realized this and this is what makes Apple so exciting. One always expects the unexpected and trust tech geniuses, like Steve Jobs and his entourage, to innovate for the general public.

How convenient for Google to issue its Nexus whatever after three generations of IPad releases. I guess they learned from the best but decided, hey, maybe if we can add a tweak here or there and change the size and lower the price, everyone will bite.

Well, you basically get what you pay for. You cannot put a price on technology.

And will this Nexus tablet sync seamlessly with an Android phone or Google computer? Oh wait – there is no Google computer so I guess you will just have to sense that there is one!

Right now, in the real world, Apple has created gorgeous devices from IMacs to MacBooks to iPhone and iPad – all synching and meshing in perfect harmony.

So, why anyone would want to abandon this for a smaller device that presently is not tethered to another personally owned device is beyond me!

I am typing this article on my new iPad and, for the life of me, I can’t imagine anything smaller for blogging.

And what about the visually impaired – will they be stuck paying a higher price for the larger IPad because of their disability?

Also, a smaller iPad for photo-editing will be nightmarish. Presently, my iPad sits comfortably on my lap, allowing me to work on my photos with ease and clarity.

I’m a senior citizen and, someday, you will be one as well. You don’t want a small, dinky tablet that is difficult for arthritic fingers to type with ease. Although voice dictation is quickly taking over, it is not yet refined.

Like this article suggests, I took a portrait screen shot of the home screen on the new IPad, rotated the IPad to landscape and had a look-see at approximately what an iPad Mini would look like. Yes, with Retina Display, it looks hunky dory.


However, right now, the new iPad is balanced beautifully on my lap as I type on the screen’s keyboard. The smaller iPad would be unstable and not comfortable for this kind of work. Hard to balance on a lap while typing or surfing.

I could go on and on and on. However, I am in this writer’s camp! This article pressed all my buttons.

And one thing I do know – some of us will be right, some of us will be wrong (about the iPad Mini rumor) but, in the end, Apple will pull something incredible out of the hat! Something no one has ever envisioned. Why? Because they can!


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