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Apple Needs To Release A Kids’ Product With A New Name


It’s all in the name. A new name, especially in the tech world, attracts attention, especially if it designed by the mother of all tech companies, Apple Inc.

Presently, rumors abound and refuse to die down until, finally, an Apple event in the Fall of 2012 reveals all.

We know that the new iPhone will be released – the last product with which the late and great Steve Jobs was intimately involved from start to finish. By all accounts, it is going to be revolutionary and will absolutely sell like hot-cakes because of Steve Jobs’ involvement.

However, in the wake of the newest announcements that the iPod Touch is going through a revamp stage, everyone is in a frenzy. Will the new iPod Touch be the rumored iPad Mini? I touched on this very topic a couple of days ago but it bears repeating.

I feel that Apple should release a newly sized product with a new, spiffy name, for no other reason than to peak the interest of the consumers.

Picture a newly sized device, programmed specifically for kids and, perhaps, per-loaded with some kid-oriented apps related to Education, Music, Games, Problem-Solving, Books etc.


And it should be made of material that can withstand the rough and tough handling by children and tots. Water and drool-proof as well. My 18-month-old grandson may still be teething and learning to speak but he spends half his day playing and drooling all over my iPad.

Then christen it with a new, high tech name that will have the parents running in droves to grab one during the holiday season. iTot? ChildPad? IPadJunior? iToy? iPod Pro? iPod ‘Tween? iPod Prime?

Now, it’s your turn to add a name or two – I have to clean the drool off my iPad now. 🙂

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