[Rumor] Apple IPad Gets Smaller, Amazon Kindle Gets Bigger And The World Is Flat


Do you see what I mean? How ludicrous are the rumors that Apple is going to release a smaller iPad this Fall while Amazon is going to release a larger version of its Kindle device? I really think the world has gone mad – well, the tech world most definitely!

Everyone is chomping at the bit over the rumored release of an iPad Mini. Now, from the depths of Mashable.Com comes this article:

Apple is working on a smaller version of its iPad tablet, cheaper than the current model, the New York Times reports citing several people with knowledge of the project.

The new, smaller iPad will have a 7.85-inch screen diagonal and will cost “significantly less” than the “regular” iPad, which starts at $499.

Meanwhile, Amazon is working on a bigger version of the 7-inch Kindle Fire in order to compete with the iPad, claims a developer briefed on Amazon’s plans.

It’s as if no one can make up their mind anymore about what size will work or not so, hey, why not just produce a bunch of tablet sizes and see which one the consumers like the most?

Well, I love my iPad and I have no desire for anything smaller. Yes, it could be cheaper but, like all things, the price will come down over time. Remember those ginormous TVs and the ginormous cost associated with these products? The prices lowered over time.

And this is exactly what will happen with the iPad and other technological devices. As they become more common place in the home, business and education sector, the prices will become less threatening to the average consumer.

So, an iPad Mini at a lower price will be meaningless. But a full-size iPad at a lower price – now that’s a different story.

Do you agree or disagree? I may be wrong and you may be right but we can agree to disagree, right?


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