Apple TV Streaming Service Is Coming Your Way Sooner Than Later. 

 Apple TV Get ready to cut the cord – the cable cord that is!   According to the New York Post, Apple Inc. honchos are in final negotiations with the major U.S. networks – ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX – to offer consumers live streaming television broadcast via their little black hockey puck known as the Apple TV Unit. 

This has been a monumental feat for Apple.  In hindsight, the development of iTunes and Apple Music for music streaming must seem like a walk in the park compared to the copyright clearance and financial negotiations encountered when dealing with the television industry people.

However, according to a source over at the New York Post,  the Apple TV platform is “ready and it rocks”. 

The delay was caused when dealing with the affiliates so Apple CEO, Tim Cook, asked the major networks to obtain the rights from their affiliates in lieu of of Apple having to deal with a  cross -country chase finding these affiliates.  

And it paid off. It looks like the major networks will negotiate on Apple’s behalf until everyone is financially comfortable with the end result.  

The kick-off of this new Apple TV service is set for the late Fall – possibly late October, early November.  

Presently, the TV Networks and the Cable Companies are deciding what is suitable for you in terms of programming.  However, like many of you, I’d like to decide what I want to watch, when I want to watch it, what’s appropriate for my grandchildren and what’s beneficial to my specific programming tastes. 

The adoption of force feeding bundles and packages are money grabbers for the cable companies and networks, money which, in this day and age of strict budgeting, makes no sense for the consumer. It is commensurate to throwing your money down the toilet on a monthly basis. 

Presently, many of our family members watch a handful of channels but, in order for us to obtain these channels, we have to buy packages and bundles of channels which we never watch. Never!  Ever!  It’s madness!   I am sure you have the same story. 

So, I have resorted to the convenience and comfort of Netflix and iTunes, both of which are readily available on Apple TV.  Or, one can steam the show from your iPad or Laptop. It’s your call.  With the exception of CNN, which is not available via a mobile App where I live, pretty much everything I watch is embedded in an App, be it Netflix, iTunes, Crackle etc. It is a delight. Press and play, commercial free. Pure bliss. 

I love using my Apple TV unit because, once I access the show I want – commercial -free by the way – I can multi- task on my iPad, without disturbing the transmission of the program I wish to watch.  It’s a gift from Heaven, I tell ya!

Apple is rumoured to be negotiating a $30 – $40/month fee for this service but the final fee will be determined in the Fall.  

In preparation, you would be wise to sign up with an internet provider that will give you the strongest and quickest wireless streaming service. I speak from experience when I say that they are not all built the same. 

And, because I know you are already asking this question in your head as you read this, I will quickly answer it: I am with Eastlink and have never had a problem. Ever. And, if you do run in to glitches, they make quick and FREE service calls. 

So, are you excited to try the new Apple TV Platform?  Share your thoughts in the comments section. 


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