Apple’s VP Eddie Cue Speaks To CNN’s Brian Seltzer About The Future Of Apple TV


I have had my Apple TV 4 for one week and, with the exception of one small glitch,  I am absolutely loving the entire experience.

But first of all, let’s get that glitchy thing out of the way. It seems that Apple has thought of everything  when designing this unit except for the manner in which we are forced to login in to our various Apps such as iTunes, NetFlix, iCloud etc.  

What an excruciating ordeal!

Why you ask? 

The upper and lower case letters are horizontally spread across the screen and you have to tediously scroll  across the alphabet to find the letters in your login information. It is more than annoying – it is downright dumb. What happened to the vertical square formation which resulted in a more compact alphabetic formation?

Now, part of me was thinking – perhaps this is a security strategy. You would need the patience of Job to crack anyone’s login information with this setup!   So, in this sense, I suppose it is good (I can easily say this now since I have completed the set-up process  on my Apple TV Apps.  The pain has left the building). 

So, make sure you allow some undistracted time in your day to complete the setup process. Fifteen minutes is probably all you need – but make sure the room is clear!  

However, the layout and design are just so beautiful and Siri works like a charm – well, for the most part. When I asked Siri to find the Criminal Minds episodes featuring Mandy Patinkin, only one episode came up. Uhm, no Siri. He was in every episode in the first two seasons. I tried a couple of times, but nada. 

With that being said, I would have been surprised not to see the odd glitch or two. I am sure Apple will refine Siri Search over time but, for now, it is stil pretty awesome. You can even find out the weather in your area while watching a movie plus take advantage of a Picture in Picture capability.  The potential for this little black box is huge. 

In the CNN interview below, Eddie Cue showcases the wonderful capabilities of the new Apple TV 4 and speaks about how Apple TV is destined to revolutionize the manner in which we watch and interact with live and recorded television.  

Here are some of the features of the new Apple TV.  You will see that Siri is a game changer.

And here is a synopsis of how Apple TV is on the cusp of changing the future of television as we have come to know it.

Have you ordered yours yet?  If not, head on over to your nearest Apple Store or go virtual like I did at Apple.Ca and you will have this baby in your hands within a week. 


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