Get Your Credit Card Ready. Apple TV 4 Is Ready To Ship Next Week. 

 Apple TV 
Next week, we enter a new era in television when the 4th edition of the Apple TV unit launches in many countries. 


It has been a long wait while Apple Inc. ironed out the kinks in the development of this media product but I expect the wait will more than justify itself once we get our hands on this gadget. 

Here is what The Verge had to say:

“Apple announced the new Apple TV last month with a vague release date of October, and it’s just about on track — CEO Tim Cook just said on stage at WSJD Live that the streaming box will launch next week, meaning it should squeak in right before the end of the month.

The Apple TV costs $149 for a 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB version, and Apple will start taking orders on Monday for shipping by the end of the week. On stage tonight, Cook called it “the foundation of the future of TV.”

The rumored release date is Monday, October 26th and I have already added it to my imaginary basket. Have you?  And, with the unveiling of Apple’s new television streaming service in early 2016, I am sure Apple TV 4 sales were soar like an eagle. 

Of course, living in Canada, we may have to wait until we reap the full benefits of Apple’s streaming service. Honestly!  It’s like we live in Timbuktu here. I thought we were neighbors with the USA? 

 I cannot wait to use Siri while searching for my programs. The search options run deep and delicious. Apple TV comes with  a very detailed, almost anal search function and will make your TV viewing and gaming experience a most enjoyable and less frustrating one. 

Yes, I said gaming. You will be able to play Two Dots or Cookie Jam or whatever game excites you on your television.  How cool is that?

Are you buying one? Or – more like – one for every TV in your house. Ha!  Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Come geek with me! 


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