Rejoice Two Dot Fans. New Levels Are Now Available For Your Gaming Enjoyment


If you have been suffering from Two Dots withdrawal syndrome, well suffer now more!  The Two Dots creators have added 25 new levels featuring that annoying ghoulish Slime Machine in their Creep Through The Graveyard Part Two update of this very addictive but very delightful game. 

In addition, this update features a very welcome bonus – a spanking new scoring system. Yay!  Now you will be able to accumulate bonus points for every unused move. If you are the competitive type, this is a plus. 

However, as competitive as I happen to be, I would have enjoyed receiving bonus points which could be used for power-ups or bonus lives. But then, that wouldn’t be financially feasible for the creators, would it?  

Presently, one has to purchase additional lives or power-ups through an in-app purchase, although, we do receive a daily “gift” of some sort every day.  Thank you!  It helps! 

If you haven’t downloaded this App, you must. And, you can do so in the iOS App Store for iPad and iPhone. It is also available for Android. 

Halloween may be over but for Two Dotters it is still happening. I wonder what the creators will design for Christmas? Ha!   In the meantime, have fun in the Graveyard Part Two


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