Apple TV 4 Is Available Now On The Apple Store. Get It While It’s Hot Out Of The Oven 

 Apple TV 4 
Picture Credit: Apple

Shine up your credit card and make some room – Apple TV 4 is finally available on the Apple Store.   Grab it now while shipping times are expedient or resign yourself to longer waits if you delay the purchase. 

However – please note:  the HDMI cable is not included in the box but  you can purchase it at checkout with the available  add-ons pictured below: 

 Apple TV 4 
You will need an HDMI cable. You cannot connect the Apple TV without it. However, if you already own an older Apple TV unit, chances are you have an HDMI cable ready to go.   

This new product will change the face of television streaming as we know it and will be a huge leap forward for technology.   

Presently, I use my Apple TV on a regular basis and my grandchildren are growing up with this media unit, grabbing my little remote to access which programs they wish to watch and when.  No commercials, instant gratification.  Sounds great doesn’t it? 

Well, it is!  Add gaming to the mix and now you have the best of all possibilities resting in the palm of your hands. 

You can read all about it at Apple.Com or Apple.Ca 


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