GTG Live Blog Of The Apple iPhone Event Scheduled For September 10th At 1:00 Eastern


The Apple Store is down. My Apple TV Unit is acting wonky. I can’t connect to iTunes.

So, this can only mean one thing.

Apple is ready to shove a bunch of new products in our faces and, like giddy excited children on Christmas morning, we cannot wait to unwrap the goodies under the old Apple tree.

So, this blog topic is ready to go and live updates will be added below throughout the morning.

Additionally, I will live blog this event courtesy of Mashable.Com and iPhoneInCanada.Ca.

IPhone in Canada has an excellent Rumour Roundup of what we can expect at Tuesday’s event. It’s very exciting.

Of everything I have read so far, I am pretty hyped over the fingerprint scanner and the gold iPhone. And no cheap phone for me. I want the expensive one because, well, you only live once so why not?

So stay tuned my lovelies and the updates will be added as I receive them. And, at 1:00 Eastern, I will begin the live blog party.

Comments are now open for business. Any Senior Geeks out there? C’mon, I know you are lurking. Come and join the party.

Live Updates inside:

  • Predicted availability dates from iPhoneInCanada.Ca
  • Again from iPhoneInCanada – some live update links for today’s App,e Event:

    So with that being said, here are some live blogs to follow which are at Cupertino right now:

    The Verge
    TechCrunch (seems the best so far)
    ABC News
    We will be also live tweeting relevant news on via Twitter from @iPhoneinCanada. Don’t forget to read our last minute ‘predictions’ post on today’s event. Stay tuned.

  • Following Mashable’s Live Update beginning now.
  • Via Mashable – Waiting for the presentation to begin
  • 20130910-125750.jpg

  • Someone commented that they think the rumored iPhone 5C is a children’s phone. The C stands for “children” not “cheap”. I like that idea.
  • Tim Cook is on stage talking about iTunes Festival and showing a video.
  • 20130910-130251.jpg

  • Apple Store Update. Huge. Pavillion Design
  • 20130910-130903.jpg

  • Craig Federighi up to talk iOS. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere!
  • New controls, notification center. Device actually learns where and when you commute. Computes commute with current traffic conditions
  • 20130910-131206.jpg

  • The new camera is really great. Built-in square photo mode for Instagram. Photos automatically grouped by moments based on location and time they were taken.
  • Year View of Photos. Plus Airdrop sharing has faster capabilities.
  • 20130910-131659.jpg

  • As always iOS 7 will be available on Sept 18
  • iWork now consists of the best-selling productivity apps on any platform. iWork highlights the fact that iOS devices are not just great for consuming content, great for creating content.
  • All 5 of these industry-leading iWork apps are now free with any new iOS device.
  • iPhone 5 helped take out iPhone business to an entirely different level. Woah! There will be two new designs allowing us to serve my customers
  • Phil Schiller is on stage talking about the new, colorful iPhone 5C
  • 20130910-132547.jpg

  • Five colors, made of plastic. When you pick up and hold the iPhone 5c, you’ll be blown away by quality and how rigid it is.
  • 20130910-132759.jpg

  • $99. Are you kidding me? This is fantastic! $199 for 32 gigs.
  • 20130910-132951.jpg

  • “More powerful, more intuitive and ultimately more useful.” iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically, plastic.”by Lance Ulanoff 1:30 PM
  • Single piece of poly-carbonate and insert the steel chasis that creates bespoke assembly that doubles as an antenna. Haha what does that mean? Has to be good, right?
  • iOS 7 complements the iPhone 5 C. Another great example of how we design and engineer our products in concert.”
  • Next up – the iPhone 5 S
  • 20130910-133623.jpg

  • In black, gold and silver.
  • 20130910-133741.jpg

  • The picture says it all.
  • 20130910-133936.jpg

  • Graphics is 56 times faster. Complex enviroments running in real time. Runs 5 times faster than it would on iPhone 5. Great news for gamers – of which I am not. Still very impressive.
  • Finally! The home button. There’s a ring around the home button
  • New part in the iPhone 5S – it’s called the M7. Takes all the measurements from acceleromter, gyroscope and compass: makes possible a whole new level of health and fitness solutions
  • 20130910-134721.jpg

  • Camera system announcement…Check it out in the picture below.
  • 20130910-134929.jpg

  • New Flash: The truetone flash
  • Ambient light varies in color temperatures. The flash in the iPhone 5s solves for this with two LEDs. One brighter and one warmer. Truly a breakthrough!
  • Also new – auto image stabilization. Woo!
  • Burst mode 10 frames per second as long as you hold down the shutter. Incredible.
  • Now, something else the slow-motion camera. What the what?
  • 120FPS HD video? Christina 1:54 PM
  • Panorama 28 megapixel. Now you can adjust exposure level as you pan the scene
  • Now Touch ID. It reads your fingerprint at an incredibly detailed level. 70 microns thin, 500 pixels per inch. It sits on the HOME button.
  • You can use it for so many things for making iTunes purchases for example
  • 20130910-140133.jpg


  • Touch the home button to unlock your phone. Perfect now I don’t have to push on that stupid home button
  • Prices are based on a two-year contract.
  • 20130910-140625.jpg


  • Available for purchase on September 20
  • Tim Cook back on stage showing advertisements.
  • Elvis Costello takes to the stage. I think we are just about done here. Hmm.
  • So strange – they never addressed the battery issues. I guess time will tell.
  • And I believe that is a wrap. Happy? Disappointed? I am the former. Both phones sounds fabulous but the photo advancements on the iPhone 5S sound extraordinary.
  • Bye for now everyone! Happy Shopping!
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