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How To Manually Back Up Your iPhone To A Computer If It -The iPhone – Is Wearing A Mophie Battery


In a word or two? You can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mophie products. I have a portable battery and a wearable one as well for my precious iPhone 5.

But, with the iOS 7 update looming, I thought perhaps it was time to do a manual back-up in addition to the back-up on my iCloud storage plan.

So, I plugged the iPhone into my iMac – something I had not done in a while – and I waited and waited and waited. Nothing happened.

I rebooted, restarted, unplugged, updated both my iPhone and iTunes software. Still nothing.

Well, this was not good.

So, I took a break and went to purchase some Tim Hortons donuts for my America’s Got Talent Performance Finale Party tonight and then it hit me.

My Mophie Battery! Now, maybe it was the Timmies talking, but I had a revelation.

I was using the USB recharging cable from my Mophie product because this is basically how I charge my iPhone every night. Both the battery and iPhone are “joined at the hip” and I just assumed that the USB end of the cable would communicate with my Mac.

Well, guess what? It doesn’t! My iPhone 5 was craving its lightening cable big time.

So, I disconnected the bottom of the battery unit and exposed the original lightening port, plugged in my lightening USB cable and watched the magical import process begin on my iMac.

And that is it. Not a big how-to but important enough nonetheless. Better than tearing out your hair, right? And, if you are reading this and it made your day, then – you’re welcome. 🙂

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