Apple To LiveStream It’s Keynote Event Via Apple TV And Their Home Page

20121023-103602.jpgBoy – today’s Apple Event must be huge, huge, huge!

Apple has pulled out all the stops making the event available to pretty much anyone that has a computer or iDevice.

That’s right! The event will be available for viewing via a LiveStream link that can be accessed in many ways.

You simply have to visit the LiveStream Page over on the Apple.Com site or, something new and exciting, you can access it via Apple TV in the new Apple Events section.

However, Apple TV owners must have either a 2nd or 3rd generation model to see this event.

And, as I mentioned above, you can access this link via Safari on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Windows PC. Sorry Samsung geeks.

Scheduled to be unveiled today is the much-anticipated iPad Mini. But, Apple has a few other surprises tucked in their back pocket, one of which will be the newly designed iTunes interface, iTunes 11.


And, with the possibility of a revamped version of the new full-sized iPad, a refresh of the Mac Mini and new iMacs and a 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro, Apple stands an incredible chance to, once again, wipe the floor with their competition.

The “big shew” begins at 10:00 A.M. Pacific (1:00 P.M. Eastern) and, given other Apple Event scenarios, will probably last two hours.

I will provide key updates on the inside page of this blog topic. Please come back and add your thoughts in the comments section. Live Updates inside.

    Apple Keynote EventTuesday, October 23rd 2012 at the California Theatre, San Jose, California
  • Thirty minutes or so to go. I will post updates as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.
  • Journalists waiting to get into the Apple Event. Tweeted by @ClaytonMorris20121023-124444.jpg
  • Streaming has begun via Apple TV 3. Pretty remarkable.
  • Tim Cook is on stage speaking about some updates on the new iPhone 5. Really? Stay tuned
  • Pumping the iPod Touch. Already sold 3 million units. That’s a lot.
  • iOS 6 has 200 million devices running iOS 6 – the fastest upgrade rate of any software in history.
  • iMessage is the best way to deliver messages on your devices. 300 billion messages sent last year alone. 28,000 messages per second.
  • Shared Photostreams – 70 million photos shared in one month.
  • Speaking about the App Store. 35 Billion Apps downloaded.
  • Addressing iBooks. Stay tuned. 400 Million Books downloaded
  • New version of iBooks. Better integrated with iCloud. You can share favorite quotes within books with Facebook and Twitter, for example. New languages. Available today.
  • Tim is speaking about the growth of the Mac. It is the #1 desktop AND notebook in the US.
  • Phil Schiller takes the stage to speak about innovations with the Mac.
  • He is quoting key media companies like The Verge, Engadget and Wired
  • MacBook Pro 13″ is getting an upgrade. It’s beautiful. Thin and light with Retina Display. Displays almost 2 million more pixels than an HDTV. Rich colors and crisp text.
  • FaceTime HD Camera, dual mics, 8GB of memory, 7-hours of battery life, voice dictation, AirPlay, documents in the cloud, power nap. It ships with Mountain Lion. It starts at $1699.00. Good price. Ships today. Environmentally friendly
  • Mac Mini. He says “you. Knew there would be something called mini in this presentation”. Haha
  • The new Mac Mini starts at $599 – $999 and ships today. Increased memory and efficiency.
  • iMac is up next. Oh no. Something else to covet.
  • The new iMac is absolutely beautiful – and thin, thin, thin. Edge to edge glass. The most beautiful Mac ever made. Why is the audience so quiet? Are they in awe or just confused?
  • it is ridiculously thin. They engineered a totally new display. They laminated the display directly to the glass. Then, they removed the optical drive and re-engineered all the components. 21.5 inch and 27 inch displays. Plasma deposition process is what is used to creat such a thin display.
  • This audience needs to applaud and cheer. Seriously. What is their problem? It is “throwing off” Phil’s presentation.
  • Apple Fusion Drive – to augment your storage on the iMac. It is very amazing at managing your more important files that require more memory and storage.
  • $1299 for 21″ and $1799 for 27″ ships next month. Great prices.
  • Tim Cook is on stage to talk about the iPad. And he said that two weeks ago, Apple sold its 100 million iPad. Over a 2.5 year span.
  • Tim Cook is displaying a more humorous personality. It’s quite sweet, actually.
  • He is speaking about the strong connection between the iPad and Education
  • IBooks Author is being acknowledged. It is in 2500 schools in the USA.
  • A new version of iBooks Author. Thank you!! New templates, multi-touch widgets, publishers can update their books. Available today. So happy from my end.
  • The iPad is taking over the business sector as well. But Apple is just getting started in this iPad craze. The iPad 3 is the top-selling tablet in the world. But…. Here it comes. Phil. Hits the stage again.
  • iPad 4th Generation is being introduced. It’s a powerhouse. Has an A6X chip. Next-generation ISP. 10-hour battery life. FaceTime HD 720 . It is 2x faster Wi-Fi. Lightning connectors. Black and white. Price start from $499. Same price as the 3rd iPad.
  • And, just like that, the large iPad turns around to introduce an iPad Mini. Yes, that is the name. Funny moment. ALuminium glass enclosure. Thin and light.
  • And finally, after months of speculation, he holds one up. It’s as thin as a pencil. 50% lighter than the larger iPad. As light as a pad of paper. White and black. Both gorgeous.
  • The large iPad is 9.7″ and the iPad Mini is 7.9″. Cute.
  • The iPad Mini and the Android are being compared. Oh boy. He is making some valid points. Glass vs. plastic, iPad Mini is slightly larger – actually much larger when you open Safari to surf. Remarkable. 67% larger. The Apps are more refined for the iPad as compared to the Android
  • iPad Mini is equal to the technology of the iPad 2. It has an A5 chip and a FaceTime HD and 5 mp iSight Camera. Faster wifi. Lightening connector. 10 hours of battery life. Every inch and iPad. Video is being played.
  • The iPad Mini is a concentration and not a reduction of what is available on the iPad. Designed from the ground up. New Smart Cover for the Minis.
  • iPad Mini starts at 16G of memory priced at $329. High. Darn. Oh well, what an you do? Pre-order this Friday and will ship on November 2nd to tons of countries.
  • Very, very cute TV ad is shown. Oh – there is Jony Ive in the audience. Cool.
  • I think Tim is wrapping up.
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