[Promo Codes] Comic Creator Halftone By Juicy Bits Is Starbucks Pick Of The Week

The great comic creator App, Halftone, is this week’s Starbucks Pick Of The Week.

And, if you don’t live near a Starbucks store, I have three promo codes available- on a first-come, first-served basis – at the end of this article with some polite stipulations. 🙂

This is such a fantastic app and, obviously, if you love creating comic-styled pictures, journals or books, this is the app for you.

This is a Universal App and will work on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad



The developers of the app, Juicy Bits Software, issued this press release:

Selected by Apple as one of the best Photo & Video apps in App Store Rewind 2011, the iPhone and iPad APP OF THE WEEK in Canada, and the iPad APP OF THE WEEK in the UK.

Featured in the “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” sections of the App Store. Over 1 million downloads! Thank you to all of our users for your great feature suggestions.

Halftone turns your photos into unique, vintage comics that friends and family will love! More than a simple “photo filter” app, Halftone makes it easy to add paper styles, captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps, and fonts (including built-in comic fonts). Your final image can be sent via e-mail, uploaded directly to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Flickr, shared with apps like Instagram, Camera+, and Color Splash, printed, and even sent as a real, physical postcard through the mail!

The minute you download the App, you have the option to watch the video (featured above) or to just delve into the creative process through personal discovery.

I elected to watch the video for the purpose of this blog topic and, I have to say, this is a very intuitive App that is packed with features galore:

  • Universal app that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Open images directly from Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram
  • Send real, physical postcards through the mail
  • iOS 5 face detection for automatic balloon placement
  • Tight integration with Camera+ for improved image capture
  • Upload images directly to Dropbox
  • Save final images to the photo album, print them, or send them to friends via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and e-mail
  • Share images with apps like Instagram, Camera+, Color Splash, and many more
  • Full size image editing, including: auto enhance, special effects, cropping, rotation, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, redeye, whiten, and blemish
  • More than 25 paper styles, from crisp and clean to distressed and aged
  • Multiple caption styles
  • Six speech and thought balloon shapes
  • More than 25 stamps (BLAM!, Arrrggh!, etc.) with customizable colors
  • Nine unique layouts, including layouts without any captions or borders
  • The ability to use any installed font at Small, Medium, and Large sizes
  • Three licensed fonts: Digital Strip, Alter Ego, and Billy the Flying Robot
  • Two of the licensed fonts include international characters (Alter Ego and Billy the Flying Robot)
  • Support for a front-facing camera, flash modes, zoom, and tap-to-focus
  • Settings screen for lots of additional customization, including halftone dot size, strength, and gain
  • Support for full size images
  • 20120809-212224.jpg

    Along the way, you will be shown options to purchase additional features if you wish but, for 99 cents, this App packs a super playground for comic enthusiasts.

    As I previously stated, the kind folks at Juicy Bits have given me three free download codes for Halftone.

    All I ask is that you comment, letting me know which code you used.

    Also, a Twitter follow @granniethegeek would be doubly appreciated.

    To stay current with the innovative apps coming from Juicy Bits, you can follow the Juicy Bits Development Team on Twitter @juicybits.

    And now – tada – the download codes are as follows:


    Halftone - Juicy Bits


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    1. Thanks! Used P4E3ER9K6AEH

    2. All the codes appear to have been used, any extra?

      • I am sorry, Gary. The developer only gave me 3 and, since this App was free during Starbucks Pick Of The Week a couple of weeks ago, the promotion is over. It is a very good App. You won’t be disappointed.

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