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WordPress.Com Issues A Spanking New Update For The IPad

WordPress.Com just issued a 3.1 update for the iPad and it’s a biggie. Considering that it came packed with features, it downloaded at a lightening pace.

After I had a quick look around and wrapped my head around the new format, the article yiu are now reading enjoyed the benefits of this new and much-needed update.

Here is what you will enjoy when you press the update button in the iOS iPad App store:


I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to access my entire site and dashboard from within the App. No more logging in through Safari – what a drag that was!

Andthe new and improved Stats Page is excellent news as is the Quick Photo option that was only available in the iPhone App.

Great work, WordPress. This new update makes me want to sit and blog all weekend. With this new interface experience, blogging really can move at a brisk pace and certainly be more efficient.

Thank you to the fine folks at WordPress.Com for their tireless efforts in making the mobile blogging experience an easy and productive one.

Bye Bye Apple Genius Ads! I Shall Miss You!


What is going on at Apple? And why is there a lack of humor and child-lack wonder in the tech blogosphere?

The now infamous Apple Genius commercials which were aired during the opening of the Olympics have mysteriously disappeared. Why? Because they weren’t pretentious enough, I guess. The Apple fanboys and girls thought they were childish, immature, unrelatable, misleading – oh, just pick a negative word and add it here.

You know? Whatever!! I thought they captured the fun-like atmosphere of the Apple Store experience. That wonderful, non-intimidating, carefree environment that made everyone of every age and geek level comfortable.


Apple should not have succumbed to the media pressure and pulled these ads off the network. They have a history of never yielding to public demand so why now?

Just because a few, albeit noteworthy, tech journalists went all negative and embarrassed over these ads do not necessarily make them correct in their thinking.

Apple commercials need to be innovative – yes – but also relevant. Apple needs to attract a core audience beyond the “Oh look at me, I have the latest Apple device” mentality.

There are millions upon millions of people out there still walking the fine line between Android and Apple. They have no idea which step to take next.

Well, with these commercials, they were warmly invited to step and move in the direction of the Apple Stores to, you know, browse and hang-out and explore. Potentially to buy!

And, if you have an Apple project that is giving you problems, then the Apple Genius or staff members are more than willing to help.

That’s all these commercials were saying! Nothing more. Nothing less. And the tech world had to smash and bash them.

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