How To Store Photos In The Cloud 

 Photos In The Cloud
 There is a great ARTICLE over at  iDownloadBlog.Com which pretty much walks you through every popular method to save your photos to a cloud server.  This article is extremely beneficial and is a necessary read for those of you who are confused on how to go about securing your precious photos and videos on your Apple Device.  

Also, for Android and iPhone owners alike,  the article thoroughly addressed the inner workings of Google Photos, Flickr Photos and OneDrive, with emphasis that iCloud is truly the easiest, flawless method to saving and syncing your photos across devices if you are an Apple Geek. However, these other platforms are worth a visit. I have all three but favour Flickr and iCloud.

Furthermore, I appreciated how the author of this article analyzed every aspect of preparing, paying for and securing your photos in the cloud. Nothing was left to chance – this author is a stickler for details and it shows. 

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However, at the end of the day and this article, I cannot emphasize enough that it is imperative that you save your Photos and Videos to – at least – two external drives – one on site and on off site. One can never be too cautious when preserving the safety of your photos. The cloud is here to stay but it really is beyond our control. If you are like me and value a “hands on approach” to your photos, you would be wise to regularly back them up to external drives and save multiple copies.  

So, set some time aside and read/bookmark this fine ARTICLE over at iDownloadBlog.Com. It is an easy, interesting read and will alleviate your confusion and queries over the numerous cloud solutions for your photos.   


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