Grannie The Geek’s Weekly Tip: How To Create Photo Albums in iCloud


So, you just came back from that memorable and fun loving Disney vacation or wedding celebration and, of course, snapped a billion and one pictures and videos with your iDevice.

And, before you left to come home to your daily routine,  your friends and family begged you to send them the pictures you took.   Please, pretty please?  Don’t forget? 

Of course, everyone wants to share the photo love but, who has the time to email hundreds of pictures to family members and friends?  Or, if you are old school, print them. (Shudder). 

Well, with Apple’s iCloud Photo Sharing option, this is as easy as pie, as long as the recipient has enabled iCloud or Photostream on their computer or device. 

Please Note: I am using my iPad for this demonstration but this also works on your Mac and iPhone.  Also, it stands to reason that the recipient must have an iDevice or Mac. 

For this, you will have to go to your Settings App, then enable Photostream or iCloud Photosharing: 

Settings > Photos And Camera > Turn on Photostream or iCloud PhotoSharing.  

However, if you turn on the latter, please be aware that all your photos and videos will be uploaded to the cloud.  If you don’t wish this, then just enable Photostream.   

Then, once completed,  go back in to your Photos and press the SELECT button in the top right hand corner of your screen.  

Then tap all the pictures you wish to add to an album and, when you are finished, press the boxed arrow in the top left hand corner and select iCloud Photo Sharing.

You will be prompted with box where you can comment on the album. Then tap “Shared Album” and you will have the option to create a new album or add the selected pictures to one that is already there. 

When you “name” your album, tap “NEXT” and you can add the email or phone addresses to your recipients. 

Or, if you wish to privatize the album, then press, “NEXT” and “POST”.  This way, only you can see the pictures and they will be collected in one place. 

Your selected pictures should be in your “Shared Folder” and, if you have shared them with others, the recipients should  receive a notification. From there, people can make comments or ‘like” pictures and download them to their own Photo Library. 

This is such an easy and seamless way to share your memories.  I have made albums from old slides which I converted for use on my Mac and organized the pictures by year. My family is thrilled and, better yet, the pictures  are with you wherever you go, as long as you have a device in your pocket or purse. 


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