How To Remedy A Keyboard Placement Issue After iOS 8 Update


Overall, I am enjoying the iOS 8 update. It took a few days for everything to run smoothly but, overall, it is a vast improvement to iOS on many levels.

And, I learned that a quick restart/reboot usually takes care of many problems.

However, I was experiencing an annoying keyboard issue
that, for the life of me, I couldn’t rectify. In many of the Apps, the keyboard, when utilized, was rising very high on my page and I couldn’t see what I was typing.

So, off I went to the Apple Community Boards to try to find others with the same problem. At first, it seemed that I was alone with this issue and then – voila – I found fellow Apple geeks experiencing this very issue.

The fix was ridiculously easy – as you can see below:


Once you press and hold the Keyboard Icon, just slide your finger to DOCK and all will resume as normal.


Such an easy fix but, quite honestly, it didn’t even cross my mind to do this since the keyboard didn’t appear split, just high.

Did you experience this problem? Hopefully, this will help. Let me know how you make out.


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