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The New Bendable And Flexible iPhone 6.

Picture Credit: BetaNews.Com

O! M! G! Have you heard? The iPhone 6 has the capability to bend. Yes bend.

Take that Samsung and your curved TV screens!

I, personally, love the idea of folding this iPhone and placing it in my pocket or purse. I mean – isn’t this a glimpse into the future? Why is it okay for TV screens to bend and not a phone? I am confused.

Okay, all humour aside! What is the big deal here? What did you think was going to happen with these thin phones? The thinner anything is, the easier it bends. Well, almost anything. A thin piece of ice melts, so thank Heavens iPhone 6 customers are not experiencing this with their phones. Nothing more maddening than a phone that disappears.

I don’t know about the next guy or gal but the first thing I do when I purchase any iDevice is purchase a case. Yes, a case. A strong case. Like a Mophie case with extra battery life built in. This way your phone is protected and will have the support of additional battery juice. Hard to bend a phone with a strong casing adorning its figure.

And, if Mophie still hasn’t developed its new iPhone 6 cases when you read this, you can’t go wrong with Accessories Products on Apple.Com

Final alert: Do not drop your phone from a high altitude as this may cause your screen to break. Yes break! O! M! G! Glass breaks? (Sigh)

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