Amazon Pulls Negative iPad Mini Ad Off Its Home Page

Well, it’s about time Amazon came to its senses.

Since the iPad Mini made it’s debut on October 23rd, the media has been having a field day discussing the pros and cons of this tiny new device gleaned from the offices at Apple Inc.

And the competition tablet makers have done so as well.

Amazon, in an attempt to diss the iPad Mini, decided to resurrect a comparison chart on its home page, pointing out the strengths of its competing Kindle Fire HD while highlighting the weaknesses of the iPad Mini.

Now, thanks to a tip from iDownloadBlog.Com, it looks like Amazon was forced to or shamed into (pick one at your discretion) removing the ad from its homepage.

Truth be told, I really wondered why Amazon went this route. I found it to be very shoddy and, as iDownloadBlog.Com pointed out, sprinkled with half-truths and outright lies.

Perhaps Amazon needs to remember that – yes – on the iPad Mini we can download books from their site via Apple’s iOS Kindle App – but -not vice versa.

And perhaps they should also remember that Apple, in comparing the iPad to other tablets during their iPad Mini event, made no reference to Amazon, only Android. They didn’t drag the Kindle through the mud like Amazon did to them with this ad and quite shamelessly at that.

Honestly, you can’t win. Just when I was starting to appreciate and applaud Jeff Bezos for staying true to his vision and not attempting to ride on the coattails of Apple, he pulls this shoddy trick out of his hat.

Didn’t he say he did not want to compete with Apple when interviewed about the positive media reviews for the Kindle Fire HD?

Well, I guess he changed his mind but not for long. I suspect that Apple threatened to pull the Kindle App off the iOS App Store. It’s pure speculation but there you have it.

Sounds to me like those Kindle Fire HDs are not doing so well. And how can they? They are still not available in Canada so exactly how are people from other parts of the world supposed to buy this device of they wanted to?

Either you want to sell this gadget worldwide or not? We can’t just twitch our noses like Samantha from “Bewitched” and get one.

Comment away.


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