It’s Going To Be A Long, Tedious Road To October’s New iPhone Launch

What is it – June 13th today? That means we have just four months or so until Apple releases it’s new IPhone.

It may as well be four years! The media is swirling with reports about what this IPhone will look like, sound like, smell like, talk like. I’m no better – I jumped on this nutty bandwagon with the rest of the geeks!

However, I stand by my recent article: this phone is going to be revolutionary, much like it’s predecessor, the IPhone 4.

But will it look like this?


Or this?


Or, well, this?


We need to chill people! Don’t go all Gizmodo on me and break the law trying to get your fingers on a prototype. If you do, there are worse things than jail. Apple will ban you for life, forcing you to use Android products and Google search no matter how irrelevant they become in the future. That’s solitary isolation in tech terms and you don’t want to go there.

Are you salivating at the prospect of this new IPhone? What secrets will it unlock? Will the “point-and-shoot” cameras finally be obsolete? Or close to? Comment away geekers!


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