WWDC Coverage Via Mashable.Com. What Just Happened?


First of all, I would like to thank the incredible team at Mashable.Com for today’s outstanding live coverage of the WWDC 2012.

All the information and pictures you see in this article are attributed to Mashable.Com.

However, I would urge you to head on over to Mashable’s site for a more comprehensive look at the amazing technological advances awaiting us via Apple in the coming months.

This is truly the stuff of magic and dreams and, Steve Jobs, thank you for making this superior level of innovation possible in our lives.

Tim Cook and his team assembled a great presentation today, June 11th 2012.

Here is how it went down:

Key Announcements:

  • New MacBook Air with all the fixin’s: 512G of flash storage, 8 Gigs of RAM, USB 3 that’s 10 times faster, 720P FaceTime Camera, ships immediately! The 11 inch starts at $999 and the 13 inch starts at $1199
  • New Monster Laptop Unveiled: New Generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display. 0.71 inches thin. The most beautiful computer ever made boasts Apple. Now that is something. Thinner than your finger. Crazy engineering. More than 5 million pixels. The world’s highest resolution notebook. Quad Core i and up to 16G of RAM. Flash storage up to 768 Gs. Crazy, wild stuff. So much power in this laptop. Dual Mikes for Voice Apps. “Without doubt the best computer we’ve ever built” (Jon Ives). Price: $2199 to start
  • 20120611-134351.jpg


  • OS X Mountain Lion: Ships in July Message, Notes, Reminders, Documents in the Cloud with Mountain Lion update. Notification Center, Dictation.

    You will be able to tweet any doc from any screen or Flick’r it.

    Also, a new unified search bar with Safari.

    ICloud Tabs: get a list of all the pages you have open on all browsers by a simple click on all devices.

    Power Nap (great name, no?) is a new feature that updates your streams while the MAC sleeps. Mountain Lion debuts in July for $19.99.

  • 20120611-141416.jpgPOWER NAP

  • iOS 6 Ships This Fall. BETA is out today:

    SIRI: it can now launch Apps, play movie trailers, is being being installed in automobiles, can tweet for you, is becoming international, including French and English for Canadians -YAY!, will be on the new IPad.

    Facebook Integration: will be available and baked into the notification center for tweets or Facebook status updates.

    SIRI will post to Facebook for you – omg – and will update your contact details. Slide to answer phone calls gets an update: you can reply with a message or be issued a reminder to call them back later.

    Also, a big plus is FaceTime and IMessage over cellular. Upload pictures from inside Safari. Very powerful. Shared photo streams and ability to comment on friends’ Photo Streams(ouch to Dropbox and Instagram).

    You can open password-protection docs on your IPhone( ouch to RIM).

    You will have the ability to close off portions of your IPhone or IPad to your children. The introduction of PASSBOOK and 3D Mapping

  • 20120611-141907.jpg



    PASSBOOK handles all your tickets, receipts, coupons, boarding passes via the new mapping service.


  • 125 Million Registered ICloud Users
  • 7 billion push notifications every day
  • 150 billion messages sent via iMessage.. Poor phone carriers.
  • 10 billion Tweets from iOS 5
  • 2/3 of mobile web traffic comes from Safari. That’s pretty huge!
  • So, were you blown away? I was! I hear the sound of weeping and nashing of teeth from other tech companies. It’s not pretty.


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