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You Are Never Too Old To Develop An App. Just Ask The FamApp Creators.

20130831-120449.jpgOkay – finally!! I found some more geeky grandparents.

And yet, these are not your ordinary geeky seniors. Oh no! This visionary couple has developed an intuitive app for the iPad – and soon Android and HTML5 as well – which they can use when connecting with their grandchildren living in other areas of the world.

I know – you are thinking: “Why not Skype and FaceTime”? That was my initial thought as well.

Well, herein lies the answer, via Mashable:

With six children and eight grandchildren spread across the country, Charlie and Maria Girsch were looking for a way to better communicate with their family. Long distance phone calls were pricey, and Skype wasn’t engaging enough. So the crafty grandparents developed their own solution: an iPad app.

Called FamZoom, the app encourages real-time family interaction in kid-friendly online hangout spaces where you can talk, play games, doodle, read, shop or have a video chat — all at the same time, together. Whatever happens on one device displays instantly on the other.

“It’s completely simultaneous,” Maria told Mashable. “When grandma moves a puzzle piece on her iPad, it moves on Johnny’s iPad.”

Oh yes, Charlie and Maria Girsch are my new geeky heroes! They are truly living life to the fullest, embracing and not running scared from all that technology can offer us at any age.

And, by developing the FamZoom App, they have created a beautiful legacy to leave to their grandchildren and their families. I cannot think of anything better. Can you?


This is the way to bridge the generation gap – just hop on the technological bandwagon and never look back.

Currently, FamZoom is awaiting approval from the App Store but Charlie and Maria have no doubt that this will receive hearty accolades from Apple. A mere formality!

And, once it is approved, I will add another topic here on GrannieTheGeek with a review and link to the App.

For the full interview – and it is a very interesting read – visit Mashable.Com and be inspired.

And, enjoy the sweet video of FamZoom’s creators, featured below.


[Promo Codes] Comic Creator Halftone By Juicy Bits Is Starbucks Pick Of The Week

The great comic creator App, Halftone, is this week’s Starbucks Pick Of The Week.

And, if you don’t live near a Starbucks store, I have three promo codes available- on a first-come, first-served basis – at the end of this article with some polite stipulations. 🙂

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WordPress.Com Issues A Spanking New Update For The IPad

WordPress.Com just issued a 3.1 update for the iPad and it’s a biggie. Considering that it came packed with features, it downloaded at a lightening pace.

After I had a quick look around and wrapped my head around the new format, the article yiu are now reading enjoyed the benefits of this new and much-needed update.

Here is what you will enjoy when you press the update button in the iOS iPad App store:


I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to access my entire site and dashboard from within the App. No more logging in through Safari – what a drag that was!

Andthe new and improved Stats Page is excellent news as is the Quick Photo option that was only available in the iPhone App.

Great work, WordPress. This new update makes me want to sit and blog all weekend. With this new interface experience, blogging really can move at a brisk pace and certainly be more efficient.

Thank you to the fine folks at WordPress.Com for their tireless efforts in making the mobile blogging experience an easy and productive one.

[Review] Monsters vs Superheroes Comic Book Maker Will Provide Hours Of Comic Relief


Hands up! Who wants to feel like a kid again? Really and truly?

Well this latest Comic Book App – Monsters And Superheroes – from the award-winning Duck Duck Moose Design should definitely do the trick.

Is it crazy to be a Golden Girl and yet be so in love with this great App for Kids? It is such a magical experience, especially when viewed through the eyes of a child.

I have been anticipating an App like this for my grandchildren – and for me, of course – for a very long time. Children love to create their own stories. And, the very fact that this App allows them to animate their characters is an absolute plus.

Here are some of the innovative features from Monsters To Superheroes Comic Book App:

Create and record your own animated comics! Put multiple scenes together to make a comic strip.

‘Monsters vs Superheroes Comic Book Maker’ includes 55 scenes and coloring pages with 170+ stickers. Splat! Ka-pow! Whizz!


– Drag and drop multiple scenes to create a comic strip
– 27 background scenes: skyscrapers, space ship, the moon, wild west, ice cave, deep sea
– 170+ animated stickers with sound effects
– 29 crayons and 29 colored pencils
– Record your voice. Move the stickers to create your own animated comic!
– Tap the stickers to make their mouths move


– 28 coloring pages
– Featuring alien monsters, Super Dog, Big Foot, Captain Banana Man, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, and all kinds of fantastic superheroes and cute, fuzzy monsters.


– Save your comic books to share with friends!

And, in case you need further convincing, grab a look at the video below and enjoy the entertaining ride.

The Monsters vs Superheroes Comic Book Maker is now available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad in the iOS App Store, priced at a more than reasonable $1.99.

Duck Duck Moose is an award-winning creator of educational children’s mobile applications for iOS and Android. It was founded in 2008 by three friends who are parents themselves, and share a passion for children, music, education, design, and play. Duck Duck Moose has created fourteen top-selling titles: Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Fish School, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Park Math, Word Wagon, Musical Me!, Puzzle Pop, Peek-a-Zoo, Draw and Tell, Trucks, Princess Fairy Tale Maker, and Monsters vs Superheroes Comic Book Maker. Wheels on the Bus won the KAPi Award for “Best Children’s App” at the 2010 International CES and was featured as one of The New York Times’ “Best iPhone Apps for Kids.” Park Math won the “2010 Best Kids’ iPhone/iPod App of the Year Award” from iLounge. The Company has won eleven Parents’ Choice Awards and twelve Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Awards for Excellence in Design.

IBank For IPad App Now Available in the iOS Store.

This IPad thing is not going away. If you’re like me – semi-retired and geeky – you sit around all day, reading and blogging, blogging and reading.

And, with the evolution of the IPad, this makes life much easier and certainly more fun. I love my iMac but I am totally in love and married to my IPad. It’s the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I put away in the evening.

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