Honesty Is The Best Policy – Especially With Apple. 

Apple Gift

Sometimes, it just pays to be honest. And, since I am a good old – fashioned Catholic girl, this whole honesty thing has been ingrained in me since childhood. 

And, I put this practice to good use when Apple accidentally sent me two watches when I, in fact, was waiting for one to arrive. 

Here’s my story and the ending is a happy one:

  • I purchased my Apple Watch Sport while on vacation in Florida. 
  • Two weeks later, as we were literally leaving our rented villa, the Apple Watch started to “act up”.   The passcode kept popping up non-stop, it wasn’t synching – you name it.  And, as you all know, the timeline for returns is – you guessed it – two weeks. So, since it was 7:00 in the morning and we could not delay our long trip home,  I just tinkered with it and managed to get it to function once again. Yay me – or so I thought!
  • Within days of arriving home, the Apple Watch started to malfunction. Nothing worked. Not only was the passcode popping up numerous times, but also I was no longer receiving notifications. Plus the synching problems escalated. 
  • So, I went on line with Apple Support.  Three times. Count ’em three. And, like the saying goes – “three’s a charm“- this particular tech support employee came to my rescue. He immediately sent me a new watch and instructions on how to return the defective one on my wrist.  It worked like a charm. All was good. 


  • A second watch arrived in the mail.  Huh? Where did Watch Numero 2 come from?  My credit card wasn’t charged twice and, even more strange, there was no invoice with this second watch. Just the watch. In a box.  Sent to me by who knows who?
  • Well, I enjoyed the situation I was in for a day or so but then my conscience kicked in and I phoned Apple. That’s when the fun began. 
  • After being transferred to numerous higher level Apple reps – because, I guess, they don’t have a department to deal with people who wish to return a product  they didn’t pay for – everything was straightened out. 
  • Apple sent me a return receipt for the extra watch with instructions on the return process – while thanking me. So, the next day, no sooner had I come home from the UPS courier service, Apple gave me a quick call thanking me for returning the product so quickly. (apparently, as soon as the courier scanned it in to its system, Apple received a notification. Woah!  This takes stalking to another level – albeit an enjoyable one. It made me giggle actually!) 
  • And – they wished to send me a gift for my trouble. Wow.  Now that was exciting. A gift from Apple is better than the extra watch.  It seemed more personal and also respectful in regards to excellent customer relations. 

So, as you can see from the picture above this article, I received an Apple water bottle, thermos, t-shirt and journal.  Very cool. I was like a kid in a candy store. Seriously. It made my day. 

Now, I know some of you would say – why didn’t they let you keep the extra watch? Uhm – maybe because it would set a precedent?  I never expected that to happen but I really didn’t expect the gift either.  In the end, I could sleep better at night knowing I did the correct thing – and that is what made the difference to me in the way I like to go about my life. 

So thanks Apple for respecting your customers so much. It’s nice to know that good, old-fashioned customer service is at the top of Apple’s to-do list every day.   

Oh, and by the way, I have made it a habit to purchase Apple Care for all my Apple Products. It’s a small price to pay for the safety, security and longevity of your device. 

Extra Bonus – My 10-year-old granddaughter was pretty proud of her grandmother. She christened my Apple Journal with this note. A couple of grammatical/spelling errors but who cares, right?  It’s the thought that counts. 


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  1. Oh my gosh! I am also a granny, Catholic girl, and my conscious kicked in as soon as I received the extra watch. My story is a little similar. I purchased a watch from apple, the microphone was bad and after diagnosing it over the phone, they agreed the watch was defective and a new one wold be sent after I returned the defective one. I did this and when I received the new one, the carrier crushed the box and you guessed it the watch was shattered on the underside. After i took pictures I attempted to download to apple site to no avail. After speaking to 3 personnel who were very kind, I was s then sent to the senior rep who also had difficulty uploading my photos, but after 45 more minutes (2 1/2 hours total) on the phone the pictures were seen on their end. They would get back with me 2 days later. They returned the call on Tuesday, and said they would send a new watch and I could pick out a wristband for all the trouble and they would send that out too. Back to the store who works for the carrier and scanning wand did not work. ent to the next tore and their wand did not work. It was determined that the carrier’s site was down, so should I come back tomorrow? I came back the next day and finally sent the watch back. But I did not receive a confirmation # on my phone and was told it would be given when courier picked up package. Next day , No confirmation number so I could check if Apple received it. After 2 more phone calls to courier and Apple(another 45”, 2 reps, and three departments later on the phone) I received the confirmation #, checked with courier and apple received damaged watch. But the story continues….As I awaited the watch band( I received the new phone) I got another email that said my watch would arrive the next day. I bought it was just an email mistake and it would be the watchband. NO….It was another watch! Oh my,,.After I knew I would then have to go and pac up another watch and again go back to the store to return it..it did occur to me I could just keep it….But…. I won’t and I will call Apple and return it and ask for the original band I requested that may take me another hour on the phone, I am so happy I actually read the Granny the Geek site I laughed so hard at our similarities…. It’s nice to know you are not the only one with craziness happening….

  2. Thank you so much for your hilarious adventure with . And how wonderful to meet another granny who embraces technology. I haven’t engaged here on my my blog for quite some time and you have provided the impetus to perhaps renew my tech adventures here. Isn’t it fun to be living at a time where we can be challenged by all the opportunities afforded to us by all the tech advancements? Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🌹

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