LIVE UPDATE: Apple’s Special October 16th Event Will Be Padded With Goodies!

Photo Credit: Apple.Com

Update: I am intrigued about the “It’s Been Far Too Long” theme for today’s event. Can this pertain to a new and improved Apple TV product?

Please excuse my hokey headline but I am competing against all the bigwig tech sites for page views here.

Nevertheless, suffice it so say, Wednesday’s October 16th Apple Event will be devoted to the unveiling of the new iPads. These iPads may be thinner and faster and will probably boast a camera upgrade, Apple Pay, Touch ID, new Colors, new Cases and more.

Also, I expect that Apple will reference the Yosemite Update for Mac, with a probable release date in October.

It would be great to see an update to the Apple TV Unit but right now i am holding my breath in hope that this Apple Event will stream seamlessly via the current Apple TV – unlike the brouhaha of their September event. What a train wreck. Seriously. I couldn’t provide live updates because of this glitch.

At any rate, I don’t think there will be any major surprises because so many details have already been leaked. But, one never knows.

So come back at 1:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM Pacific) on Wednesday for the live GTG update.

What are your predictions for tomorrow’s event?

Live Update Begins at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern

12:53 PM: All connected via Apple TV. 7 minutes to go!

1:00 PM: They are late. Tsk! Tsk!

1:03 PM: We are live and in color! Countdown video in multiple languages. Very neat.

1:04: Tim Cook saunters on to the stage to chanting and applause. He thanks everyone for for joining. And he says he has a few more things to share with us before the end of the year. Touts the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

1:05: This phone has made history in terms of demand. And, in just a few hours, it will launch on all of China’s three networks. The pre-orders have set a new record. Biggest iPhone launch ever!

1:07: Speaks highly of Apple Pay. Since September, they have signed 500 additional banks. It will be secure and private. It will work online and within Apps. It is going to be huge as more and more companies jump on board. Apple Pay will launch on Monday, October 20th.

1:10: Tim speaks about Apple Watch. They have assembled a great team of designers. The Apple Watch is on the cover of Vogue in China. They have worked with selective 3rd party developer for Apple Watch. As a result, WatchKit has been developed and will roll out next month. Apple Watch will be shipping early next year.

1:13 PM. He is moving toward iOS 8 and Yosemite as Craig Federichi takes the stage.

1:14 PM: Craig begins by touting iOS 8. He leaves out the glitches but..oh well.

1:16 PM: He is showing off many goodies in iOS 8 that I haven’t explored. And speaks about HealthKit – which I have yet to explore.

1:17 PM: they have developed SWIFT – an entirely new language they have used to take iOS to the next level. IBM has embraced SWIFT

1:19 PM: Now to iOS 8.1. Camera Roll is back. Yea! Everyone has access to Photo and Video Storage -public Beta. Different pay scale depending on storage.

1:21 PM: Yosemite is introduced. Spotlight is supercharged and taps into sources on the Internet like Maps and Wikipedia. If you start typing, you get your favorite searches in addition to Google search Very similar to what you now have on iOS 8

1:23 PM: Mark-Up – you can insert your signature.

1:24 PM: iWork has been reworked so to speak. Really neat features.

1:25 PM: iCloud Drive – syncs all your devices with your Mac and PC

1:26 PM: AirDrop and AirPlay are addressed. So magical really.

1:27 PM: HandOff, Instant Hotspot, Regular Telephone Calls are addressed.

1:30 PM: Gives a demo on the magic powers of Continuity. And it really is! Steven Colbert is part of the act. Fun.

1:34 PM: Shows how the Apple Watch will act as a Remote Control for Apple TV. Very powerful and a very funny demo.

1:36 PM: Yosemite is available for download today. Free. IWork as well. Free. IOS 8.1 available on Monday.

1:37 PM: Tim Cook takes to the stage and starts talking about the iPad. 225 Million iPads sold around the world.

1:41 PM: He introduces, via a neat video, the new iPad Air 2. It is ridiculously thin. Wow!! Phil Schiller takes to the stage.

1:42 PM: iPad Air 2 is 6.1 mm thin. World’s thinnest tablet.

1:44 PM: Describes the construction of the Air. It is quite, quite extraordinary!!! A8X Chip. 40% faster CPU and 2.5 GPU. 10 hour of battery life.

1:47 PM: Camera is an important improvement and is necessary in all walks of life. 8Mp iSight Camera and 1080 HD Video.

1:50 PM: Can take large panoramas and Burst Mode Photos. You can use TimeLapse as well – my favorite. You can do Slo-Mo videos. Very cool. There are dual microphones and a new FaceTime Camera sensor. You can do Burst Selfies with the new FT camera.

1:52 PM: Touch ID on the new iPad. Yes!

1:53 PM: Apple Pay and Touch ID will be combined. Excellent.

1:55 PM: Demo of Pixelmator by the founders. It is an imaging app. What a fantastic and powerful editor. I cannot wait to use it.

1:57 PM. A demo of Replay, a video editing app, is showcased. I. am BLOWN AWAY!! Replay is available on the App Store today.

2:00 PM: Pricing is $499, $599, $699 for wireless. 3G prices are higher.

2:01 PM: iPad Mini $399, $499, $599 for wireless. 3G prices are higher. Old Minis and Airs will be reduced by $100. Pre-Orders begin tomorrow.

2:06 PM: Attention is turned to the Mac.

2:08 PM: Showcasing the next phase of Retina Display technology. A 27″ iMac with Retina Display. The Retina 5K Display. Sharper than an HDTV. It is stunning.

2:10 PM: Video Presentation of the new iMac. Truly beautiful.

2:13 PM: Price: $2499. Very good. It starts to ship today.

2:15 PM: A New Mac Mini it is the world’s most energy efficient desktop. Shopping today.

2:17 PM: Tim Cook takes to the stage once again. And beautifully sums up all the Apple products.

2:20 PM: Tim Cook signs off. No Apple TV update. Oh well. Still excited here though. Thanks everyone.


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