WWDC 2014: Your Homes Are About To Become Smarter And So Much More

20140602-111714-40634348.jpgPicture Credit: Apple.Com

Lots of excitement surrounds the World Wide Developers Conference set to start in San Francisco on Monday, June 2nd at 10:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Eastern)

Apple is slated to unveil many exciting new developments culled from behind the barricades of Apple Inc.

During the past few months, there has been much speculation about new Apple products, from the IWatch (I want one! Real bad!) to the iTV ( Yes, I want this too!).

However, given the plethora of leaked information, it appears that the former rather than the latter will be a “go” when Apple hits the stage to announce their future plans for the tech consumers.

According to CNN.Com, here is what Apple is expected to bring to the table on Monday:

IOS 8. As has been the case for the past several years, Apple will almost certainly lift the curtain on its latest iPhone and iPad operating system.

The changes are widely expected to be far more subtle than in years past. After last year’s complete makeover, iOS 8 is expected to include oft-requested fixes, such as an improved Maps app with transit directions, simplified notifications and a separate iTunes Radio app.

The biggest addition to iOS 8 could be a new Healthbook application, which was first reported by 9to5Mac. The app will likely monitor users’ heart rates, sleep, activity and breathing among other health-related information. It may connect to third-party monitoring devices, such as the FitBit, or it could eventually work in tandem with Apple’s long-rumored iWatch. (More on that later).

Connected home. Apple could also unveil a new platform that would enable people to control all the items in their homes with the iPad or iPhone.

You can already control many connected devices with an iPhone or iPad, but Apple would likely simplify the process by allowing users to manage all their lights, appliances, thermostats and door locks with the iPad or iPhone.

Mac OS X 10.10. How big a fan of iOS 7’s flat design are you? That may determine whether or not you like the new Mac OS X.
Apple’s designer-in-chief Jony Ive has been widely reported to be spearheading a redesign of OS X that makes the interface for Macs look much more iPhone- and iPad-like.

New Macs. Apple is expected to release new iMacs less than a year after their latest update. And since the MacBook Air does not support Apple’s ultra-sharp Retina Display, a revamped MacBook Air is a strong possibility too.

And so, a new post- Steve Jobs era begins as the innovative process continues at Apple Inc.

In the past couple of years, Apple has been criticized for not making creative decisions regarding the future of the company’s direction.

Only one thing wrong with the naysayers’ rants.

Creative products are developed through hard, diligence, focus and PATIENCE. Everyone has ideas but, thankfully, Apple refuses to release products by compromising high standards.

The company wants the products to work and, more important, particularly in the case of the Smart Home, the importance of privacy must be addressed before it is released to the consumer.

And so, we sit and wait and rub our hands with glee as the WWDC conference fast approaches.

What products or features do you hope to see when Apple takes the stage?

And oh – if you have an Apple Device, you can watch the whole thing unfold over at Apple.Com.


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