Apple October 22nd iPad Event Will Be Live Streamed On Apple TV And The Internet


In 90 minutes, Apple honchos will take to the stage at the Yerba Buena center in California,

A high degree of fanfare and hoopla has surrounded this particular Apple Event and justifiably so.

A new line of iPads, a MacBook Pro refresh, a new line of really, really, really Smart Covers, an upgrade to the Apple TV unit and more have hit the the rumour mill over the past few weeks.

And to add to the anticipation and excitement engulfing this event, Apple has announced that live streaming will be available via Apple TV and the Official Apple website.

That’s pretty huge if you ask me! There was none of this when Apple launched the iPhone 5C and 5S in September.

Could this be the start of something big – something revolutionary even? It could be!

Here is the quick link, courtesy of TechCrunch:

“For visitors on the web, the event will go live at the Apple Events section of its homepage when it starts in just a few hours. So to recap, you’ll need the following to tune in:

Safari on the Mac or iOS
An Apple TV gen 2 or 3, with the Apple Events channel that arrives special and automatically when things like this go down.”

I will be adding updates right here in this blog topic, so refresh often and tune in for my impressions. It’s going to be an exciting day.

Live Update

  • via Twitter Tim Cook (@tim_cook)
    10/22/2013, 12:20 PM
    Can’t wait to get underway. Having fun backstage.
  • Beautiful intro.
  • Tim Cook on stage talking about the values expressed in the intro video. Going to see some amazing products developed in Apple’s unique way.
  • Surprise. News for iPhone. Let’s see what!
  • 9 Million iPhones sold in opening weekend. Video about the new iPhone 5C and 5S. Lots of energy and enthusiasm from Apple employees. Major marketing move here.
  • Just 5 days after launch, over 200 million devices running iOS 7. Biggest update stats ever.
  • Talking about iTunes Radio. 20 million users + listening on USA iTunes Radio. Justin Timberlake debuted his new CD on iTunes Radio. App developers have made $13 billion via the App Store.
  • Talking about the MACs. Talking about the competition and said they are confused. They are making PCs I to tablets and tablets into PCs. However, at Apple, we are not slowing down our innovation.
  • Craig Federichi is On Stage to talk about OS10 and it is a doozy.
  • COMPRESSED MEMORY. You can fit into 6G of data, 4G of ram. Graphics in Mavericks will adjust the performance level. Open CL will add efficiency and speed.
  • Shared links, enhanced notification, tags, multiple displays will not hide memory bar, Maps App – brand new, iBooks on Mac,. Lots of stuff.
  • Demo time for iBooks. This is going to be great for authors who are publishing on iBooks. You can tag your documents and pictures. Unbelievable.
  • Website notifications are enabled as well. I have to say that Craig is loaded with personality. We need this. Receiving. Lot of chuckles from the audience.
  • Notifications syncs with Maps and brings up ton of information about your future locations like weather, routing etc.
  • Revolution on pricing. Okay. Let’s hear this. Mavericks is FREE! FREE! Take that Windows!
  • It can run today on any Mac from 2007 and on. Free. Amazing!
  • Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about MacBook.
  • 13″ MacBook Pro will be much thinner and lighter. It is powered by an Intel Haswell chip for faster performance and 9 hours of battery life. Flash storage and Wi Fi is quicker. Thunderbolt 2 is twice as fast. It will come with MacBook Pro running Mavericks. New one starts at $1299 as opposed to $1399 of its pre-deceased. Ships today
  • 15″ MacBook Pro is powered by Intel Crystal chip for discreet graphics, faster processing, 8 hours of battery life and all of the above in 13″ one. Price is lowered from $2199 to $1999. Shipping today
  • Mac Pro is next. This sounds interesting. It is a computer that compacts an incredible amount of power and the future of the Pro desktop. Faster processor ever inserted in a Mac. Fastest memory. Dual workstation GPUs. Storage is all flash based and it is 10 times faster than a regular hard drive. This is way too technical for me bit I am sure you get the idea. It is powerful and display – driven. Packed and built for expansion. This is for professionals and it will be a grabbed up by pro filmmakers, photographers, videographers, music producers and the like. It has already been tested on some noteworthy artists to positive reviews. Starts at $2999 before the end of the years..
  • All products are environment friendly and energy efficient.
  • Mac Pro will be assembled in the USA. A video presentation about the Mac Pro is played
  • Eddie Cue takes the stage to talk about Apps. Biggest updates ever. iLife has been redesigned for iOS 7 and the Mac.
  • Photo books for the iPad! Awesome. Thank you.
  • Desktop class effects to iPad and phone iMovie Apps. You can speed up or slow down the movie and much, much more. iMovie can sync across all devices.
  • GarageBand has been re-imagined as well. They have added many new exciting additions – like Drummer. You can pre-program personal drummers and save them for fewer use. Very neat and kind of funny actually. You can add 14 more drummers with in-App purchases.
  • iWorks is next. Rewritten from the ground up for the Mac and iOS. Thank heavens. Full file compatibility and brand new UI. Synced across devices and computers. Keynote is my baby. Let’s see what’s happening. Object based animation. Wonderful and fun.
  • These iWork Apps are going to be fantastic. The graphic possibilities are endless. And it is super easy to share documents. Collaboration is added to iWork for iCloud, which makes it great for people working on the same project. They demo this and it is quite funny. Entertaining.
  • All of these productivity Apps are free with the purchase of Mac and iOS.
  • iPad is next. Tim Cook is on stage. Staggering sales numbers for this product.
  • A short video highlighting the creative uses of the iPad is presented.
  • Phil Schiller is back on stage to speak about the new iPad design. It’s thinner, lighter and more powerful than ever before. It’ called the iPad Air. A new name for a spanking new Retina Display iPad. How did they do this with Retina Display? It took years of development. They have been innovating naysayers. The iPad Air weighs just 1 lb. Lightest tablet in the world. Inside is the A7 chip , same as the iPhone 5S and M7 processor. Graphics is 75 times faster. 2x faster in every respect, including Wi Fi. Expanded LTE support. 5 megapixel iSight camera. Comes in silver and white and space grey and black. It will replace their present top of the line iPad and the price starts at $499 and will ship November 1st. This is the biggest leap forward in the iPad and I agree. Boy this audience is quiet. This is exciting stuff people. It’s light AND has Retina Display. Wake up!
  • iPad Mini is next. I am sure there will be a Retina Display thing happening here. And it is! I want one. 7.9″ Retina Display – exactly the same as the iPad Air. Same specs. Four times faster than its predecessor. Faster Wi Fi. Same colours as well. Priced at $399 and $529. Present iPad Mini is lowered to $299
  • New Covers and cases. $39 and $69. Hmmm. I was expecting more from the cases. Disappointed here but all the other news make up for it.
  • A new ad for the new iPads is played. Tim Cook is summarizing. That’s it everyone!
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