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Saturday Video Tutorial: A Look-See At The IMovie App For The IPad

I came across this great video tutorial about the amazing editing features of the iMovie IPad App.

It leaves out one small – or large – detail, depending whether or not you are a control freak, as am I,

If you are, then read this article after watching this excellent video.

Also, it gave me the idea to start a “how-to” category on the GrannieTheGeek.Com site – whether they be mine or someone else’s, such as Brennan Spark’s excellent video tutorial in this blog topic.

The important thing is to give readers quick access to technical assistance.

Now, I know many sites already provide this, but this site is aimed for the geeks in process – those who have a passion for technology as I do but have no idea where to start!

Are you an avid IMovie App fan? Do you have any other suggestions? I’m all ears – or fingers – so sock it to me in the comments section.

Also suggestion: Troubleshoot The Placement Of The Audio Clip In The IMovie IPad App

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