Creating Memorable, Frame-Worthy Photos On The IPad Or IPhone


I love printing pictures of family members and then framing them for all to see and enjoy. It has become a full-time passion for me.

I am sure many of you enjoy it as well. So, I decided to share some tips on making what I think are spectacular pictures to hang on your wall.


Also, I decided to use a picture of Steve Jobs to demonstrate my work. I am a stickler for privacy here, so my personal pictures, unfortunately, are inaccessible for mainstream internet.

First of all, if you don’t have all your best photos on your IPhone or IPad, it is best to transfer them from your computer to the Photo App on your chosen device.

There are many ways to do so and ICloud has made this very easy. However, for those of you who do not have ICloud and/or want to use less current pictures, there is a wonderful App out there called PhotoSync

I first learned of PhotoSync from my friends at IPhoneInCanada.Ca. It has been a lifesaver for me, seamlessly and wirelessly transferring photos and videos between computers and devices.

And as a bonus, the PhotoSync Companion is available for Windows or Mac OS X

Plus, it comes packed with features aplenty.

The Mobile Apps are also quick and easy to install on your IPad or IPhone.

Then, once the transfer process is complete, you can further refine your photos before you add additional enhancements.


So, I always access a solid image editing tool like Photoshop Express for IPhone or IPad. It has the basic but all-important tool refinements like, noise reduction, sharpening, exposure, contrast, crop, rotate.

I am big on Noise Reduction. It is a thorough cleanser for the majority of pictures, adding a smooth, flawless texture. And the cropping feature is an important element as well. I used both on the Steve Jobs photo, pictured above.


Then, if you want to get down and funky, download the Camera+ App for IPhone. Unfortunately, there isn’t an IPad App for this photo imaging tool, but the IPhone version is just as efficient on the IPad.

You can achieve some really neat looks with the various options available via this neat image editor. I just love it. But be forewarned-it is terribly addicting.

For the Steve Jobs picture, I used the Diana effect with 84% intensity. But, there were many, many choices within this wonderful App. Just you wait!

And, save many different versions of the same picture. You’ll be glad you did. Depending on the color of your chosen frame, one version of an edited picture may work better than others.

Following this, the fun truly begins. There is a wonderful framing App out there call Imikimi for IPhone and IPad. Once downloaded, you will be treated to vast array of categories to suit every mood or event.

I can’t stress enough how exceptional this App is-it is the closest thing I have seen to digital scrapbooking.


You simply select a photo from your photo library and add it to the empty square box in the frame. Once you do so, you have more options at your disposal to position or enhance the picture.


I often save many different versions within the Imikimi App so I don’t clutter up my Photo App, but you can easily save all your framing projects to the Photo App on your IPad or IPhone.

If there is one drawback to Imikimi, it is the fact that the vast majority of the frames are sized for a square photo, as opposed to a 4×6 or 5×7 etc. Up in my neck of the woods, I found fairly reasonable frames at Michaels, but, depending where you live, you may have more options for purchasing these frames.

And the square formation is perfect for scrapbooking. It is totally your call.

Once you are done, you merely have to print out your picture, using premium photo paper of course.

Let the ink dry overnight, pop it into the frame or scrapbook and you are done. Except for the squeals of delight on the faces of family members and friends once they see your digital work!

Happy Framing! Happy Scrapbooking! And please leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments section.


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