Apple Executives Aware Of Steve Jobs’ Condition Prior To IPhone 4S Launch


When Steve Jobs’ passing was reported at approximately 8:00 P.M. on Wednesday, October 5th, I immediately added a blog topic about this very sad event in technological history.

And, at the time, I mentioned that Steve Jobs’ imminent death perhaps contributed to the subdued presentation of the IPhone 4S on October 4th.

Well, it looks that this was indeed the case.

According to, Apple did contact the police to make them aware of Steve Jobs’ worsening condition.

They did so in order to ensure privacy for his family in the event of his death.

Perhaps the naysayers will think twice before voicing their negative comments in the future. Didn’t they stop to think that this might be a very difficult transition for Tim Cook and his team?

And indeed it was! Their mentor, colleague and friend was dying. Dying! And still they managed to put on a brave face and present their newest product which, by the way, was approved by Steve Jobs himself in the face of death.

Look at that photo(above) – that chair was left vacant in Steve’s honor. He will always be the heart and soul of Apple and his vision will continue to inspire men and women of all ages. He truly fought the good fight.

God Bless Mr. Steve. IThank You and feel privileged to have lived during the Steve Jobs era.


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